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VPI - Voyager Phono Preamplifier **OPEN BOX**

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Symmetrical VPI Voyager MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Offers Exceptional Purity, Resolution, Musicality, and Detail: Single-Ended Design Features Cutting-Edge Circuit Layout, Internal Switching

Designed for synergistic performance with any VPI turntable and to give music lovers with non-VPI ‘tables an easy entrance into the VPI family, the Voyager MM/MC phono preamplifier features the prized sonic characteristics of the company's other analog components. Two-input capability, MM and MC gain, internal gain and loading switching, and front-panel input selection provide a supreme degree of functionality and convenience. Want to swap tonearms or cartridges on your ‘table? Voyager makes dialing in the correct settings a cinch via multiple selectable loading options. You'll even be able to swap the Voyager's faceplate out for a different look in the near future. But this symmetrical, single-ended component's most thrilling aspects relate to its purity, low-level resolution, natural musicality, and detail retrieval.

Made in the U.S.A. and featuring a state-of-the-art two-stage circuit layout, Voyager is built to perform to a standard that far exceeds its price class. A JFET-based input stage provides the interface with the cartridge as well as the gain and drive for the 75-microseconds passive equalization network that follows it. A second stage provides an additional 24db of gain and supplies active feedback for tracking the low-frequency portion of the RIAA curve. Both stages are based on matched cascoded Linear Systems JFETS and servo-controlled. Voyager also employs unity-gain-voltage reference power supplies for quick responsiveness and low-noise operation. Small signal relays handle the internal switching of gain and loading.

Whether you're a VPI diehard or haven't yet had the pleasure to experience why the family-owned company has been a go-to name in high-end analog for more than three decades, Voyager will greatly enhance the time you spend spinning vinyl. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

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