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Item: ABATP12

Reference-Caliber Balanced Audio Technology VK-P12 Phonostage Handles Any Cartridge with Ease: Hear Transparent, Dynamic, Warm, Detailed, and Involving Sound From Your Vinyl LPs

New Step-Up Transformers, Six-Pak Output Capacitors, and Aluminum Cover Elevate BAT VK-P12 Phonostage to Top of Analog Class

Transparent, dynamic, warm, detailed, involving: The path to the ultimate in analog fidelity begins with the Balanced Audio Technology VK-P12 phonostage. The culmination of decades of design, VK-P12 is the bedrock model of BAT’s reference phonostage line. Equipped with fully balanced zero-feedback topology and a new aluminum cover, this incredible instrument boasts high-quality input step-up transformers for greater flexibility in handling the lowest-output moving-coil cartridges as well as a Six-Pak of custom oil-filled capacitors in the output stage. With VK-P12, you’ll think you have a brand-new record collection.

At the Forefront of Analog Playback Technology
Dual-mono construction, balanced inputs, vacuum-tube current sources, enormous energy reserves, and a massive power supply push VK-P12 to the forefront of the world’s finest phonostages. Complementing the unit’s all-tube zero-feedback design, a unique Flying RIAA circuit maximizes accuracy, brings the benefits of fully differential operation to the critical equalization stage, and delivers standard-bearing fidelity to the original recorded signal. The end result is a circuit that unlocks hidden performance in virtually any cartridge.

Built-In Step-Up Transformers, Mammoth Energy Reserves Handle Any Cartridge
Low-output moving-coil cartridges are a forte of VK-P12. Most are easily handled easily by the phonostage’s direct mode. High-quality, built-in step-up transformers can be either used for cartridges with even lower output or to obtain an even lower noise flow. Internal switches allow you to adjust cartridge loading for capacitance and resistance, and provide low and high settings for preamplifier gain. Signal polarity is effortlessly changed via a front-panel balanced phase reversal switch. And you’ll never worry about energy. VK-P12’s energy reserves exponentially exceed those found in competing products. By most any measure, this phonostage could be a sizeable power amplifier. Want more? Per BAT tradition, VK-P12 is fully upgradeable to the SE and SuperPak versions.

Superlative Build Quality, Breathtaking Performance
VK-P12 is built to a spec that ensures it will be passed onto future generations. Custom oil-filled signal capacitors are used throughout. Power-supply regulation is handled through vacuum-tube constant current sources. Pure, un-plated copper is utilized for all circuit board traces. Of course, all the effort spent on design and construction would be for naught if VK-P12 yielded anything less than a breathtaking transcription of the music on your vinyl. And it’s in the LP grooves where VK-P12 establishes its true pedigree. Experience it, and unlock the glory of vinyl music reproduction that few music lovers have ever imagined let alone enjoyed.

Inputs: 1x RCA + 1x XLR
Outputs: 1x XLR
Gain at 1kHz:
    Direct - Low: 42dB
    Direct - High: 56dB
    Step-up low: 62dB
    Step-up high: 76dB
Cartridge loading:
    Resistance: Selectable from 100 to 47k
    Capacitance: Selectable from 0 to 1000
Power consumption: 150 VA
Signal to noise ratio:
    Direct - low: 73dB
    Direct - high: 76dB
    Step-up low: 86dB
    Step-up high: 93dB
Absolute Polarity: Switchable
Tube Compliment:
    8x 6922
    2x 6SN7
Power supply energy storage: 200 joules
Weight: 40 lbs.
Dimensions: 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"

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