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BAT VK-P12SE SuperPak Phonostage Elevates Analog Performance to Previously Unheard Peaks With New Transformer-Coupled Output Stage and Second-Generation SuperPak

Balanced Audio Technology VK-P12SE SuperPak Phonostage is Your Ticket to Seeing Your Favorite Musicians from the Best Seat in the House Every Time You Play a Record

A new phonostage king is crowned: Balanced Audio Technology's flagship VK-P12SE SuperPak phonostage takes analog to previously unheard levels. This is your ticket to seeing your favorite musicians from the best seat in the house, each and every time you play a record. Akin to the class-leading REX II preamplifier, VK-P12SE SuperPak features new custom-designed output transformers that replace the previous Six-Pak of output capacitors. Revised gain stages allow for a much cleaner signal path. And an extraordinary second-generation SuperPak incorporates BAT's latest-generation oil capacitors to provide a wondrous sense of musical realism.

“The VK-P12SE is dead quiet, allowing you to hear deep into the grooves. There is no hint of sibilance or glare.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

The Largest-Value Oil Capacitors in Any BAT Component
Reaching dramatic new performance levels while pristinely preserving the delicate signals generated by modern cartridges, VK-P12SE SuperPak represents a new reference for phonostages. Building on knowledge gained during the design of BAT's groundbreaking REX amplification products, the second-generation SuperPak yields a far more open sound, with a more coherent portrayal of musical texture from the lowest to the highest frequencies—and an astonishingly vibrant, three-dimensional soundstage. The second-generation SuperPak replaces electrolytic capacitors in the most critical first two gain stages with the largest-value oil capacitors ever employed in a BAT design.

Years in the Making: A "Transformational" Transformer-Coupled Output Stage
Like the elite VK-33SE, VK-53SE and REX II preamplifiers, VK-P12SE SuperPak features a transformer-coupled output stage. This new design replaces BAT's venerable Six-Pak of output capacitors with custom-designed output transformers. In order to achieve this "transformational" goal, years were spent prototyping and testing various alternative output transformer designs. All the work paid off: BAT's new transformer-coupled output stage proves substantially superior to any capacitor in maintaining a purity of signal transmission. Electrically, these output transformers significantly improve VK-P12SE's performance in every measured respect. Sonically, they offer improvements in every area of musical reproduction.

Matchless Engineering, Unrivaled Parts Quality, Nonpareil Operation
The heart of the VK-P12SE SuperPak is an all-tube, transformer-coupled, zero-feedback design that combines the benefits of balanced operation with complementary vacuum-tube current sources. Dual-mono construction and enormous energy reserves are matched by extensive flexibility in cartridge loading. The first gain stage achieves a very low noise floor via premium Vishay Bulk Foil resistors that replace metal film resistors. An upgraded power supply contributes to more responsive, visceral bass. Vacuum-tube current sources further improve the linearity and yield a more open, textured sound. Dual 6SN7 vacuum tubes act as current sources for the second gain stage.

Second-Generation Step-Up Transformers for Unrivaled dB Improvement
VK-P12SE SuperPak employs a differential RIAA network, which translates into improved matching of the RIAA curve to specification. With this feature, you can rest assured that all of your records sound the way that the recording engineer intended. Plus, second-generation step-up transformers provide as much as a 20db improvement in signal-to-noise ratio in comparison to direct mode operation. With up to 80dB of gain available, no signal is too small. Boasting state-of-the-art engineering achievements, individual technical advancements, and awe-inspiring synergy, VK-P12SE SuperPak pays priceless dividends on your investment in vinyl.

Inputs: 1x RCA + 1x XLR
Outputs: 1x XLR
Output: Transformer coupled
Gain at 1kHz:
    Direct - Low: 45dB
    Direct - High: 60dB
    Step-up low: 65dB
    Step-up high: 80dB
Cartridge loading:
    Resistance(ohms): Selectable from 100 to 47k
    Capacitance (pf): Selectable from 0 to 1000
Power consumption: 150 VA
Signal To Noise Ratio:
    Direct - low: 73dB
    Direct - high: 76dB
    Step-up low: 86dB
    Step-up high: 93dB
Absolute Polarity: Switchable
Tube Complement:
    4x 6922
    4x 6C45
    2x 6SN7
Power supply energy storage: 200 joules
Weight: 43 lbs.
Dimensions: 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"

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