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Equipment > Phono Preamps > Graham Slee - Reflex Series Phono Preamp
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GRAHAM SLEE - Reflex Series Phono Preamp

Phono Preamps

Graham Slee - Reflex Series Phono Preamp AGSLEERFXMM

GRAHAM SLEE - Reflex Series Phono Preamp

Phono Preamps

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A true reference Moving Magnet/High Output MC phono stage is finally available: The Reflex M phono preamplifier. This is absolutely the most sophisticated phono preamplifier dedicated to reproducing the signals from a high output phono cartridge! By only doing one thing and doing it right, Graham Slee has avoided the compromises used by other designers in their MM/MC phono stages. Our highest recommendation!

The Reflex M is the result of two years of tuning the highly respected Era Gold V to the limits of currently available technology and understanding. It again brings light to the high-output versus low-output debate. But if you've decided that low output moving coil is the way you're going, then via the Elevator EXP, the Reflex M will take you where you want to be.

In the Reflex the emphasis has been in making the extremes, both of the high and the usually forgotten low frequencies, absolutely stable, and that means a gain of unity (1) at those extremes, while still providing the right gain with the necessary time domain headroom for the music signal and all its harmonics. The Reflex has the ability to separate the performers and music further than before, but still keeps the togetherness or cohesiveness of the performance. It can enable you to hear that missing word while still hearing the instrumental accompaniment - that's what stability with wide bandwidth does - and nothing else can.

Nominal Input sensitivity: 4 mV rms
Maximum input: 45 mV rms
Nominal output: 472 mV rms
Maximum output: 5.3 V rms
Gain: 41.5 dB (118)
Input resistance: 47 kOhms
Input capacitance: 100 pF
Output will drive: 10k Ohms
Noise: -68 dB CCIR q-pk 20Hz - 20kHz
Distortion: 0.02%
RIAA accuracy: 0.5 dB
Frequency response: 5Hz - 150kHz
Channel balance: 0.2 dB
Channel separation: 64 dB

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