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LUXMAN - EQ-500 Phono Preamp

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Item: ALUXEQ500

Luxman EQ-500 Tube MM/MC Phonostage

Reference-Setting Tonal Splendor, Pointillistic Detail, Harmonic Character, Pinpoint Imaging: Luxman EQ-500 Tube Phonostage Features Audiophile Series Capacitors and Four Step-Up MC Transformers

You're allowed to drool over the EQ-500, Luxman's first new phonostage in more than a decade. Expressive and powerful, the full-featured vacuum-tube design excels thrills with tonal splendor and pointillistic detail. Mundorf "audiophile series" capacitors, four MC step-up transformers, low- and high-cut filters, balanced and single-ended outputs, three separate single-ended inputs, a mono/stereo switch, vacuum-tube rectifier, and front-panel adjustments give you everything you need – and more – for optimum performance. Indeed, EQ-500 is all about delivering every last drop of visceral information, harmonic density, and tonal character from your prized LPs. Drawing on 90 years experience of crafting audio transformers, Luxman outdid itself with the four MC step-up transformers gracing EQ-500: Two per channel for high- and low-output MC cartridges deliver up to 18dB of gain. Toss in individually adjustable gain and loading, JJ vacuum tubes, Takamisawa capacitors, an articulator switch that serves as a cartridge demagnetizer, phase invert, and a remote control, and you have a phonostage eminently qualified to bring out the very best musical presentation from the world's finest analog recordings.

A Refined Instrument Made to Stand the Test of Time: Nothing Rushed, Everything Perfected
The rarefied sound and reference-grade capabilities of EQ-500 are what transpire when a team of engineers won't quit until they've made a component that can stand the test of time. Rest assured knowing EQ-500 took 14 years to come to fruition, and that Luxman likely won't be coming out with another model for about that long. That's how confident Luxman remains in this flagship instrument. We're so confident you'll fall in love with it, we back it up with our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. And yes, those pretty VU meters will look lovely in your listening space.

"In a previous review, I urged readers to search for audio components that would stand the test of time. Such components should be relentlessly musical, gorgeous to look at, easy to use, reliable, and provide state-of-the-art sound quality that’s unlikely to be significantly bettered for years. The Luxman checks all of those boxes. A veritable Swiss Army Knife of analog reproduction, it fleshed out the special character of each of my treasured cartridges with ease and finesse. It’s a grail-level component."
—Tom Mathew, SoundStage!Ultra

  • All stages are vacuum tube (1, 2 stage SRPP {Series Regulated Push Pull}, the final stage (cathode follower parallel) and non-feedback CR type phono-equalizer amplifier (RIAA standard only)
  • Vacuum tube rectifier to the power supply circuit for supplying a stable voltage to the amplifier circuit and (EZ81) employing a choke-coil
  • Four moving-coil step-up transformers (super permalloy), two per channel for high & low output moving-coil cartridges deliver up to 18dB of gain
  • Individually adjustable gain & loading up to 67dB for low output moving coil cartridges
  • Balanced & single-ended outputs
  • Three separate single-ended inputs
  • Highest-quality parts employed: Mundorf "audiophile" series capacitors (Germany), JJ vacuum tubes (Slovakia), and Takamisawa capacitors (Japan)
  • Filter switches: low cut (20Hz / 3dB), high cut (8kHz / 3dB)
  • Mono/Stereo switch
  • Articulator switch = cartridge demagnetizer
  • Phase invert (for balanced output)
  • VU meters
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Circuit System: SRPP, final stage cathode follower, non-feedback CR type equalizer (RIAA)
Vacuum tube compliment: 4 of 12AX7, 2 of 12AU7, 1 of EZ81
Input sensitivity (1kHz, when the gain switching 36dB): MM 4mV, MC high 0.44mV, MC low 0.18mV
Input impedance: MM 30kΩ ~ 100kΩ (variable), MC high 40Ω, MC low 2.5Ω
Rated output/output impedance: 250mV/850Ω
Gain (1kHz, when the gain switching 36dB): MM 36dB, MC high 55dB, MC low 67dB
Maximum permissible input (1kHz): MM 300mV, MC high 34mV, MC low 13mV
Power consuption: 36W, 1W at standby
Dimensions (WHD): 17.3" x 3.6" x 15.6"
Weight: 27.5 lbs.
   Remote Control (RD-21)
   Power Cable
   Install Software CD

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