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Equipment > Phono Preamps > Rega - Ios Reference MC Only Phono Preamp (Black)
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REGA - Ios Reference MC Only Phono Preamp (Black)

Phono Preamps


REGA - Ios Reference MC Only Phono Preamp (Black)

Phono Preamps

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The Rega IOS MC Phono Stage is Remarkable - You Need to Hear this One! 

The Rega IOS is simply one of the finest moving coil phono preamplifiers ever designed. The first stage is a step-up transformer with selectable loading for your choice of MC cartridge. Then there are two separate Class-A amplifier sections to drive the high and low frequencies of the passive RIAA equalization stages. Then the final output is driven by the purest, most natural analog output stage. This provides for the reproduction of the all the subtleties in your music, as well as the dynamics and speed necessary to experience the realism necessary to create the illusion of a live performance in your listening room.

“First of all, the Rega IOS is the quietest phono preamp I’ve ever used. I was even more enthralled with IOS’s ability to deliver an extra bit of detail to familiar recordings. The build-quality is astonishing, the flexibility world-class. The sound quality was the most additive I’ve ever experienced.”

- Marc Philips, Tone Audio, Issue #16

The Rega IOS is a dual mono discrete symmetrical MC phono preamp; using a high performance step-up transformer input stage. Combining the super low-noise gain properties of the step-up transformer with the low-noise, high-bandwidth, all-discrete preamp circuitry, the IOS delivers the highest level of realism, dynamics and frequency extension. The results of Rega’s work on this product need to be heard to be believed. This product redefines what can be achieved from a phono pre amplifier at any price. The first product in the new Rega Signature3 line of electronics is a true reference piece; one that takes on the competition at any price. Compatible with any Moving Coil cartridge ion existence, its options for loading, DC resistance, gain and filtering, allow the IOS to mate any MC design. This new product from the analog experts at Rega will impress anyone with it sonic signature and its natural musicality. The IOS is available in both black and silver finishes.

Generator source resistance: 15Ω
Load set to 100Ω & DC resistance set to 15Ω (Apheta)
Output load resistance: 100KΩ
Filter: Off (unless otherwise stated)
Input sensitivity for 200mV output: 61uV - 70dB gain setting I
   118uV - 64dB gain setting II
Gain input to output: 64dB Minimum, 70dB Maximum
Input load: 50, 100, 150, 300 & 400Ω
DC resistance: (Zobel network) 5 to 7.5Ω (6.25Ω nominal)
   7.5 to 10Ω (8.75Ω nominal)
   10 to 12.5Ω (11.25Ω nominal)
   12.5 to 15Ω (13.5Ω nominal)
   15Ω (Apheta)
MC Transformer: Sowter 8055
Input overload @ 1KHz: 8.7mV - 64dB gain setting
   @4.5mV - 70dB gain setting
Maximum output level: 14.7V RMS
Rated output level: 200mV
Output resistance: 100Ω
Minimum output load resistance: 1KΩ for –3dB point @ 15Hz
RIAA accuracy: Better than 0.2dB 100Hz to 40KHz
Frequency Response: 14Hz (-3dB) to 54KHz (-0.5dB)
THD: Better than 0.008% @ 1.5V 20Hz to 20KHz
THD bandwidth: 100Hz to 22KHz
Output noise level: -80dBV (64dB gain setting & 15Ω input load)
Notch Filter: center frequency 8.5KHz
Notch Filter maximum depth: -6.5dB
Notch Filter Q: 2.5
AC Supply: 230V & 115V Nominal +/-10%
Power Consumption: 21 Watts
Rega IOS Manual (PDF, 124 KB)

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