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Astell and Kern - KANN Portable Music Player

Portable Music Player

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Exceptional Performance, Awe-Inspiring Versatility, Audiophile Sound, 32-Bit/384kHz Ability: Astell & Kern KANN High-Res Portable Music Player Features Powerful Output, Wireless Networking, More

"One player to rule them all." Astell & Kern's tagline for its universally acclaimed KANN portable digital music player rings true in every facet. A high-resolution device that will be more than enough for most listeners, KANN brings the audiophile specialists' world-renowned digital-player expertise to a wider audience via its sub-$1k price point and awe-inspiring versatility. At once a standard-setting player and high-output analog amplifier, the 9.3-ounce KANN delivers bit-to-bit playback at up to 32-bit/384kHz and native DSD up to 11.2MHz for exceptional computer-audio performance when connected to a PC or Mac. Scalability via USB audio, USB Type-C fast charging, selectable output, balanced outputs, wireless networking, dual memory-card slots, 64GB of internal memory, fast charging, and TIDAL integration add to the spoils of what stands as the most widely praised under-$1k digital player in the industry.

Exalted by The Absolute Sound, Hi-Fi+, Forbes, CNET, Robb Report, and practically every other hi-fi and lifestyle outlet imaginable, KANN stands alone in terms of its sleek design, robust output (it can be paired with both headphones and low-impedance speakers), user-friendly flexibility, forward-looking build quality, and, most significantly, extraordinary sound that will present your music with revealing levels of detail, dynamics, tonality, presence, and clarity. An AK4490 DAC complements the high-performance amplifier to make KANN essentially a merger of two independent devices. Supremely low-noise, low-distortion operation abets the full bit-to-bit high-res playback capabilities. A 7Vrms output when connected via high-gain balanced output joins KANN's capability to be fine-tuned by way of four-level line-out output values no matter where it's employed, be it a home system, car, or elsewhere. KANN also supports Astell & Kern's 2.5-mm 4-pole balanced outputs (2Vrms). Unlike the unbalanced type, balanced outputs remove noise and have the strength to increase output with double transmitting signals.

Connecting to a wireless network is also a cinch with Astell & Kern's Connect app. Stream from media servers or store the media content to be shared and played by another device. You can also expand the memory up to 768GB via standard SD and micro SD cards. Add in the fact KANN can charge in as quickly as one hour to supply up to 6.5 hours of playback via the optional fast charger and ultimately, because of its 6,200mA battery, offer 15 hours of continuous playback when fully powered, and there's really nothing within the realm of reason this bellwether device cannot do – and do fantastically well. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The KANN plays everything, handles every headphone in Steven Stone's large stable, sounds fabulous with each, and is a joy to use. What more can you ask from a TAS Product of the Year winner?"
The Absolute Sound, Product of the Year, Golden Ear, and Editors' Choice Awards

"When it comes to performance per pound, there's no mistaking the Kann's sonic chops. It's dynamic, has a great sense of timing, and gives an insightful performance."
What Hi-Fi?, Best Portable Music Player $950+

"The KANN is a fine and exceptionally versatile DAP whose ineffable musical ‘rightness' is a sonic gift that keeps on giving. The KANN also offers terrific musical value for money, which makes it just that much more desirable."

"Astell & Kern's KANN is not only a subtly gorgeous-sounding performer loaded with features. It's also a great value."
Sound & Vision, Top Pick Award

"If you crave uber clarity you've come to the right place: the Astell & Kern Kann will take your music to the next level."
– Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"Astell & Kern has produced a luxury audio product that checks off all key boxes for audiophiles: long battery life; great, audio-first features; tons of storage capacity; and aural excellence."
Robb Report

"Its long battery life, superb build quality, exceptional musicality and masses of dual-media storage means it ticks every box you could ever want ticked."

"KANN has very little competition when it comes to potent output plus extended battery life. This combination, plus its superb sound quality, makes KANN a rather compelling option."
Inner Fidelity, Wall of Fame Award

Optimized to Suit Your Listening Environment
KANN is equipped with a line-out circuit designed to set the output values in four levels,
depending on the user's listening preference. With the selectable output function, you can fine-tune your sound to suit a home system, car audio, or any other listening environment. KANN also supports Astell & Kern's 2.5-mm 4-pole balanced outputs (2vrms). The latter type removes common mode noise from "signal + inverting amplifier signal" and has the strength to increase output with its double transmitting signals.

Immense Flexibility: USB Audio and Wireless Network Ability
To increase flexibility, you can connect additional USB audio to KANN via the micro USB port. KANN allows output conversion according to the specifications of the external USB audio that supports DoP (DSD over PCM) or PCM, and provides continuous music playback with charging via the Type-C USB port while connected to the external USB audio. KANN also supports wireless networking DLNA, which makes it easy to work with PC/NAS on the same AP network and through the AK Connect app supporting smartphone/tablet computer interfaces.

Expandable Memory and Fast-Charging for On-the-Go Enjoyment
KANN has an internal memory of 64GB, but it can be easily and flexibly boosted via the unit's dual memory card slots. KANN supports both standard SD cards and micro SD cards, so you can select their preferred memory type. The memory is expandable up to 768GB to easily handle larger audio files. You can also enjoy up to 6.5 hours of music with a single one-hour charge through the fast charger. And there is no fear of a dead battery on a long journey as the 6,200mA large capacity battery offers 15 hours of continuous playback.

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Body Material: Aluminum
Display: 4inch WVGA (480 x 800) Touchscreen
Supported Audio Formats: WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE(Normal, High, Fast), AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF
Sample rate:
   PCM: 8kHz ~ 384kHz (8/16/24/32bits per Sample)
   DSD Native: DSD64(1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo
   DSD128(1bit 5.6MHz), Stereo
   DSD256(1bit 11.2MHz), Stereo
Output Level:
   Phone Out: Normal: Unbalance 2Vrms / Balance 2Vrms (Condition No Load)
   High: Unbalance 4Vrms/ Balance 7Vrms (Condition No Load)
   Line Out: Unbalance 2Vrms / Balance 2Vrms (Condition No Load)
DAC: AKM AK4490 x1 (Single DAC)
Decoding: Support up to 32bit / 384kHz Bit to Bit Decoding
Input: USB Type-C input (for charging & data transfer (PC & MAC)) / Connection Mode: MTP (Media Device)
   Phone Out, Line Out: PHONES (3.5mm) / Balanced Out (2.5mm, only 4-pole supported)
   USB Audio: micro USB Connection / PCM: Up to 32bit 384kHz / DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
Bluetooth: V4.0 (A2DP, AVRCP, aptXTM HD)
Frequency Response:
   Phone Out: ±0.067dB (Condition: 20Hz~20kHz) Unbalance & Balance
±0.75dB (Condition: 20Hz~70kHz) Unbalance & Balance
   Line Out: ±0.07dB (Condition: 20Hz~20kHz) Unbalance & Balance
±0.75dB (Condition: 20Hz~70kHz) Unbalance & Balance
Signal to Noise Ratio:
   Phone Out: 110dB @ 1kHz, Unbalance / 109dB @ 1kHz, Balance
   Line Out: 116dB @ 1kHz, Unbalance / 117dB @ 1kHz, Balance
   Phone Out: -108dB @ 1kHz, Unbalance / -130dB @ 1kHz, Balance
   Line Out: -135dB @ 1kHz, Unbalance / -135dB @ 1kHz, Balance
   Phone Out: 0.004% @ 1kHz, Unbalance / 0.0008% @ 1kHz, Balance
   Line Out: 0.0008% @ 1kHz, Unbalance / 0.0007% @ 1kHz, Balance
   Phone Out: 0.0008% 800Hz 10kHz(4:1) Unbalance / 0.0008% 800Hz 10kHz(4:1) Balance
   Line Out: 0.0006% 800Hz 10kHz(4:1) Unbalance / 0.0006% 800Hz 10kHz(4:1) Balance
Output Impedance:
   Phone Out: PHONES 3.5mm (0.65ohm) / Balanced out 2.5mm (1.3ohm)
   Line Out: PHONES 3.5mm (1.9ohm) / Balanced out 2.5mm (5ohm)
Clock Jitter: 30ps(Typ)
Reference Clock Jitter: 200 Femto Seconds
Battery: 6,200mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery
Built-in Memory: 64GB [NAND]
External Memory: microSD (Max. 256GB) x1 / SD (Max. 512GB) x1
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10 (32/64bit), MAC OS X 10.7 and up
Dimensions (WHD): 2.80" x 4.56" x 1.01""
Weight: 9.83 oz.

User Manual (PDF, 6.1 MB)

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