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AVM Audio AVM - SA 3.2 Power Amplifier

Power Amp

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A Brute-Strength Power Amplifier That Offers the Control, Grip, Dynamics, and Pacing You Crave: 325Wpc AVM SA3.2 Features 700VA Toroidal Transformer and Linear Power Supply

Enormous power, intelligent minimalism: The AVM SA3.2 stereo power amplifier delivers a heart-stopping 325Wpc, enough to comfortably drive all but the most finicky loudspeakers. Equipped with a linear power supply and proprietary 700VA toroidal transformer, SA3.2 is prepped to handle even famously demanding musical passages without losing a beat. SA3.2 offers extreme grip, authority, slam, and drive. Separate power supplies for the input and output stages guarantee signals are processed without any crucial loss in the details. You'll hear the fine nuances, revealing textures, and microtones that make music truly come alive. Everything down to the solid aluminum anodized housing serves the sonics.

To wit, the housing – in combination with the high-efficiency switching amp, which dissipates and transforms up to 95 percent of the energy delivered from the linear power supply – serves as a massive heat sink. SA3.2's handcrafted cosmetics are also notable for the lack of visible screws, further mirroring this power amplifier's clean, transparent sonic signature. Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, two pairs of loudspeaker terminals, and intelligent-protection circuits that monitor DC, overheating, and short circuits speak to its beyond-the-pale functionality and flexibility. Ditto the feedback loop that allows for a high damping factor and iron-fisted control. In terms of aesthetics and dimensions, SA3.2 constitutes a perfect match with other AVM components but will perform like a beast no matter what gear is in the mix. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

The AVM Advantage: In-House Manufacturing and Quality Control
All AVM products are carefully developed and assembled in Malsch, Germany. AVM's suppliers for housing and electronic parts are located nearby, the close proximity and collaborating ensuring a superb quality level is maintained from start to finish. AVM also tests every product. When the assembly is finished and first inspection completed, every unit must pass a break-in test to prove reliability. A careful final inspection occurs before packing and shipping

  • High Efficiency switching power amplifier stage with 325 W
  • Linear power supply with 700-VA-Transformer
  • Filter capacity over 60.000 µF
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • 2 pairs of loudspeaker terminals for speakers A & B, individually switchable
  • 2 separate power supplies for input section and power output stages
  • Intelligent protection circuits monitor DC, overheat, short circuit
  • NF-controlled on/off and trigger input (on/off)
  • Comfortable on/off function in conjunction with AVM pre amps
  • Environmentally friendly standby power consumption below 1 Watt
  • Housing made of solid aluminum anodized in silver or black, chrome front available (option)
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