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BAT - VK-56 Power Amplifier: $4995

Balanced Audio Technology VK-56 Power Amplifier Literally and Figuratively Raises the Bar on Industrial Design: Features Superb Clarity and Dynamics, High-Current Tube, and Auto-Biasing

Featuring a graceful rear arch that literally and figuratively raises the bar on industrial design, the BAT VK-56 power amplifier arrives as the go-to amplifier for music lovers seeking the renowned manufacturer's hallmark sound in a component that boasts rigorous design principles and a more affordable price point. Skimping on nothing that has made BAT a preeminent high-end company, VK-56 provides superb midrange clarity, power, and dynamics. Plus, its all-triode topology and auto-biasing means it's the easiest tube amp you could hope to own. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

By using the same high-current dual-triode 6C33C-B tube employed in BAT's flagship REX II Power amplifier, VK-56 (55Wpc stereo, 110Wpc monoblock configuration) delivers the high-current kick required to drive even difficult low-impedance speaker loads. Simply choose the stereo or monoblock version based upon your choice of speaker and room size. And VK-56 can be upgraded to VK-56SE status at any time. In addition, VK-56 is available with a silver color option that incorporates a silver front faceplate and matching rear arch.

Intelligent Auto-Bias Design Makes Use Easy
This power amplifier's advanced engineering eliminates the traditional headache associated with most vacuum-tube power amplifiers – specifically, the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes – as VK-56 features an intelligent automatic bias design that adjusts for changing line voltage and aging tubes, with each output tube having its own dedicated bias circuit. The auto-bias circuit also ensures your VK-56 sounds wonderful within the first few minutes of listening. You'll immediately experience the midrange clarity, power, and dynamics that have made BAT one of the most respected brands in high-end audio.

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