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Substantial Power, Expressive Sound, Delicate Texture, and Superb Dynamics In a Compact Form: BAT VK-225 Power Amp Combines Fully Balanced Driver Stage and High-Current Output Stage

Drives Any Speaker Load With Authority: Balanced Audio Technology VK-225 Power Amplifier Outputs 150Wpc Into Eight Ohms (300Wpc Into Four)

Packing significant power and authoritative sound in a compact form, Balanced Audio Technology's VK-225 power amplifier gives listeners a tremendous return on their musical investment. Featuring technology derived from BAT's reference VK-6200, this stunning component offers sonic virtues associated with bigger – and more expensive – designs. Delivering 150Wpc into eight ohms (300Wpc into four), VK-225 confidently drives any load. A discrete Class AB output stage, bipolar transistors, and symmetrical driver stage account for heightened levels of expressiveness. Brilliant textures, absorbing tonality, and a rich spectrum of colors are just the beginning. All at a cost that brings BAT's world-renowned dynamics into the realm of possibility for more music lovers. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Unbridled Musicality, Authoritative Power, Compact Design
Balanced Audio Technology's VK-225 power amplifier combines unfettered musicality and authoritative power in a compact design. Delivering 150 watts per channel into eight ohms (300 watts per channel into four ohms), and based on the award-winning topology in BAT's reference VK-6200 multichannel power amp, this majestic amp confidently drives any speaker. Lending unrestrained ease to the most demanding recordings, its superb dynamic control is obviously evident even on difficult loads. A perfect complement to BAT's VK-23SE preamplifier, VK-225 is fully upgradeable to the Special Edition VK-225SE, which adds a second-generation SuperPak.

Discrete Class AB Output Stage, Huge Power Supply
Unlike today's increasingly common digital amplifier designs, VK-225 features carefully selected bipolar transistors in its discrete Class AB output stage. Each channel in VK-225 uses six high-power bipolar output devices, boasting a combined rating of 1380 watts. In conjunction with the large power supply, VK-225 offers substantial power to accommodate modern speaker needs. A fully balanced and symmetrical driver stage feeds the robust output stage. No global feedback is employed, and a sophisticated protection circuit assures trouble-free operation. And, of course, being a BAT, its fully balanced XLR inputs afford complete signal representation.

Engaging Performance Defies Its Size and Cost
Housed in casework of understated beauty, VK-225 looks as remarkable as it sounds – inside and out. It excels at reproducing the rich colors, subtle textures, and powerful emotions portrayed in your favorite music. The absence of global feedback, combined with the fully balanced driver stage and high-current output stage, allows VK-225 to both reproduce the finest musical detail and excel at conveying the deep silence between the notes. When you add the stellar dynamic capability of VK-225, you'll hear a balance of virtues you never thought possible from such a compact and affordable power amplifier.

Output per channel:
  175W @ 8Ω
  350W @ 4Ω
THD: 0.2%
Input impedance: 100k (Balanced)
Frequency response: 2Hz to 150kHz
Power consumption: 50/1500W(Idle/full power)
Dimensions (WDH):  19" x 14.5" x 5.5"
Weight: 35lb

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