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Power Amp

BAT - VK-655SE Power Amplifier ABAT655SESTSLV


Power Amp

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Experience Reference-Level Quickness, Slam, and Dynamic Range: Balanced Audio Technology VK-655SE Power Amplifier a True Dual-Mono Design With Only Two Gain Blocks

Produces a Whopping 600Wpc in Stereo: Mono Configuration of BAT VK-655SE Power Amplifier Contains an Eye-Popping 1800 Joules of Energy Storage

Authoritative control combined with graceful sensitivity: That's the essence of the Balanced Audio Technology VK-655SE power amplifier. One of these Herculean musical instruments in stereo configuration produces 600Wpc into a 4-ohm load and, if you desire the absolute best, two units can be run in mono for the ultimate in unbridled power. Coupling quickness, slam, and dynamic range with a soundstage of the widest and deepest proportions, as well as exquisite timbre, VK-655SE personifies grand fidelity. Guaranteed.

"There was nothing that the VK-655SE couldn't handle effortlessly during this review. In the realm of the reference speakers at my disposal – all with sensitivity ratings of 87 to 90dB – I can't imagine ever needing more power than this amplifier delivers."
– Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio

Purist Approach, True Dual-Mono Design
The fully balanced VK-655SE power amplifier is the ultimate expression of BAT amplifier engineering. Available in stereo or monoblock configuration, it features only two gain blocks in a high-power, zero feedback, and purely symmetrical design. A true dual-mono component featuring independent channel assemblies, power transformers, and separate power cords for the left and right channels, the purist approach-based VK-65SE yields maximum soundstage width and depth. Finite micro- and macro-dynamics are reproduced with ease. A revised power supply incorporates the same second-generation oil-filled capacitors used in BAT's flagship REX II preamplifier, dramatically lowering the noise floor and portraying grain-free, extra-refined harmonics.

Massive Power: Enough Energy to Drive Almost Any Speaker Ever Made
VK-655SE's elegant signal path follows BAT's purist approach of using zero negative feedback to achieve the goals of wide bandwidth and circuit linearity. Its circuit is based entirely on N-Channel MOSFET devices. A high-current design that offers a robust 600 watts per channel into a four-ohm load, VK-655SE easily drives most any speaker ever made. The monoblock version doubles these figures, and contains a whopping 1800 joules of energy storage. High power – combined with high-energy storage – produce the dynamic sound that is a BAT hallmark.

Sublime Music Reproduction: Speed, Slam, Dynamics
Dynamic responsiveness remains the recognizable difference between live and reproduced music. VK-655SE couples quickness, slam, and dynamic range with an extended, deep soundstage and an exquisite fidelity to the timbre and texture of instruments and voices. Indeed, the sound of the VK-655SE and REX II power amplifiers converge upon the same ultimate goal: sublime reproduction of music independent of the devices employed. By utilizing only the highest-grade parts throughout, BAT allows VK-655SE to yield supremely transparent insight into any music you play. It's time you experienced such beguiling sonics for yourself.

Output per channel at 8Ω/4Ω: 300W / 600W
Output in Mono Configuration 8Ω/4Ω: 400W / 700W
Frequency Response: 3Hz to 250kHz
THD at full power: 0.2%
Input Impedance - stereo version: 100 kΩ
Input Impedance - mono version: 50 kΩ
Gain (Nominal into 8Ω): 26dB
Tube Complement: n/a
Remote Control: 12V Trigger Input & Output
Number of Power Cords: 2
Power Consumption (Idle/Full Power): 400W/2000W
Dimensions (WHD) Inches: 19" x 9.5" x 23.5"
Weight: 120 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 105 KB)

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