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ICON AUDIO - Stereo 60 MkIII Power Amp (KT150)

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Icon Audio Stereo 60P MKIIIm Power Amp

Not everyone needs an integrated amplifier, having their own preference for pre-amplifier, and may not have room for monoblocks. The ST60P is just that. No selector. No volume control. In fact the input socket is directly connected to the grid of the first valve. Ideal for someone wanting a very dynamic fast sound, Stereo 60P MKIIIm has a big power supply, big output transformers, and uses the excellent new KT150, and comes with many features. Suited to virtually any pre-amplifier, valve, hybrid, transistor transformer and even passive.

The new super strong KT150 has caused a storm in the Hi Fi world, with 50% more power than the KT88. It enabled us improve the sonics, power, distortion and reliability. An excellent alternative to a modern transistor amplifier, the ST60P will deliver the finest detail of modern recordings in a graceful way or present jazz and rock music without harshness or tizz. Two Amplifiers in One. The importance of Triode The triode sound is preferred by many Hi Fi fans, but the power is always lower. Equal priority was given to the triode function so the full quality is maintained. With a UL/Triode switch you can change from 80 watts to 40 watts of pure triode sound at the flick of a switch. The "in house" developed and manufactured LDT (Low Distortion Tertiary) transformers with extra distortion cancelling were optimised for both Triode and Ultralinear. This means that those preferring triode mode can always switch to Ultralinear for more power if required. Bigger amplifiers like the ST60P work better with "fixed" bias but this needs occasional checking. A built in bias meter greatly simplifies keeping your amplifier in peak performance. Previously you had to pay attention to numbers. Now if the pointer is on the black mark, it’s correct. Very easy.

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