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PS AUDIO - P20 Power Plant

Power Conditioner

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Rebuild Your AC Power and Hear Unprecedented Dynamics, Clarity, and Soundstaging: PS Audio DirectStream P20 Power Plant Delivers 2,000VA, Features DSD Engine and Uncompromising Purity

A power regenerator like no other, DirectStream P20 Power Plant is an uncompromising beast. Vastly improving upon the company's previous flagship, P10, it weighs nearly 100 pounds, delivers 40 percent more power (a whopping 2,000VA on a 20A circuit), and offers 20A and 15A options. The reference-setting DirectStream P20 also boasts three times the energy storage, twice the outlets (12 total), lessened distortion, and three times lower output impedance than its predecessor. Able to convert your home's variable AC power into pure DC – and then back into protected, regulated, perfectionist-minded AC – DirectStream P20 gives you and your music enhanced dynamics, see-through transparency, vivid realism, and front-to-back soundstaging. No matter the size or demands of your system. No matter where you live. The American-made DirectStream P20 changes everything – 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Regulated to within 1/10th of a volt, DirectStream P20's analog-like DSD generator redefines sonic purity. And DirectStream P20 regenerator‘s precise output is directly connected to its internal sine-wave generator, not a coal-fired plant feeding miles of noisy power lines. Plainly speaking, DirectStream P20's FPGA-based DSD engine delivers the cleanest, lowest-noise sine waves of any regenerator on the market. System performance is further improved by lowering the AC impedance, ensuring dynamic AC regulation, and providing instant, unlimited reserves of clean power of up to 70A peaks. On the inside, aerospace-grade, pure-copper, .25-inch-thick, gold-plated buss bars handle all current paths. It's all done in the service of rebuilding your AC signal from scratch and rendering obsolete any distortion so that your high-end equipment gets the optimal power it deserves. Just like it should be.

You've never experienced a power product like DirectStream P20 Power Plant. Schedule a risk-free in-home audition from Music Direct today!

Much More Than Power Conditioner: Actively Rebuilds AC from Scratch
Power conditioners are passive collections of capacitors, resistors, transformers, and coils of wire that lack the ability to add missing energy back onto the power line. PS Audio Power Plants use active components, like those found in large and powerful audio amplifiers, to store and release energy for peak demands (up to 70 amps), rebuild the AC signal, and produce clean, clear, distortion-free, regulated AC for your equipment. In every regard, P20 brings you closer to your utility's power source than ever before, eliminating all noise and artifacts of the miles of wire and connecting transformers in the way. Think of P20 as superior to your direct connection to the power's source since it fills in what's missing.

Why DirectStream P20 Is Superior to Generators – and Why Its Design Is Better
Unlike a light bulb or electric heater, most stereo equipment gulps power in quick chunks of current. The size of the latter can be classified on a scale called power factor. A power factor of 1 means the voltage and current are being consumed at the same time – as with a light bulb. A lower power factor means the current is delivered in the aforementioned chunks. The lower the number, the shorter and more aggressive each chunk. But power generators are not designed to properly feed them, so when the chunks occur, the voltage levels drop, robbing audio equipment of much-needed power. Chunks of peak current can be as high as 50 amps in a power amplifier – a demand that far exceeds what your home's power can supply. Which is why you need a regenerator like P20 Power Plant, which stores more energy for quick release than is available through your home's wall sockets. When peak demands exceed your home's limit every 1/20th of a second, performance suffers. Add a Power Plant to the mix and the problem disappears. Add traditional conditioners or transformers to clean the AC power, and the problem gets worse. Which is why distortion is measured on P20 Power Plant's front panel. Nasty peak current demands show up as increased distortion – and are exactly what caused the distortion in the first place.

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Built in Boulder, Colorado
2000VA output
70-amp peak delivery
Passively cooled
40% more power than P10
3x lower impedance than P10
16 outlets
15-amp AC input
20-amp AC input
120 volt regulated
Range: 95 – 145 VAC
100% regenerated AC
MultiWave technology
Pure Sine Wave
Integrated oscilloscope
THD meter
Improvement meter
Power meter
Control over the web
Adjustable output voltage
Color touchscreen
Field upgradable
105 pounds boxed
17 W x 11 H x 14 D
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