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Equipment > Power > PS Audio - P15 Direct Stream Power Plant
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PS AUDIO - P15 Direct Stream Power Plant

Power Conditioner

PS Audio - DirectStream Power Plant P15 APSDSP15B

PS AUDIO - P15 Direct Stream Power Plant

Power Conditioner

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Dramatically Improve Every Musical Note You Hear: U.S.-Made PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P15 Provides Pure, Regenerated Current to Any-Size System, Features Cutting-Edge Technology

When you start with the cleanest-possible AC source, all your components deliver their best sound. Capable of supplying up to 1500 watts of continuous, pure, regenerated power to each of its five separate regenerated zones via quarter-inch-thick copper buss bars, the PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P15 power regenerator/conditioner provides all the current almost any system needs to reproduce extremely powerful dynamic swings with an exceedingly low noise floor. A pure DSD FPGA-based sine-wave generator, an ultra-low-impedance analog power amplifier, beefy power supply, and incredible touch-panel controls make the U.S.A.-made P15 – entirely designed from the ground up, and a colossal improvement over its award-winning predecessor, P10 – a world-beating system foundation.

Plug in your source components, amplifiers, and/or home-theater gear to P15 and marvel at the differences you'll hear and see. Dynamic contrasts on par with those at a concert hall. A sense of openness that removes all physical boundaries. Blacker backgrounds that allow details and micro-cues to pop and notes to properly decay. Sweeter harmonics, profound depth, and accurate vocal tonalities. In short, your music will be more musical and natural, and if you're using P15 to do home-theater duties, your visuals will be more colorful, richer, and vibrant. And because P15 boasts an exceedingly low output impedance, you'll experience dramatically improved airiness, realism, and immediacy. Great systems need unpolluted power and ace protection, and P15 provides both.

P15 also boasts an exceptional user interface. A full-color touchscreen gives you control of all functions as well as critical evaluation of your incoming and outgoing voltage supply with stellar depth and accuracy via a front-panel oscilloscope. On-board network technology provides control and monitoring of all your connected devices from anywhere in the world via the Internet. P15 will monitor your power line quality and report any problems to you through the web page, text alerts, or emails sent anywhere you wish. P15's real-time and on-line measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line. Get whatever information you like when you like – it's totally in your hands.

We cannot over-stress how important power is to the performance of your entire system. P15 gives you a bulletproof foundation – the likes of which have never been seen at this price level until now. We guarantee your listening (and viewing) experiences will come to life like never before with P15. If they don't, simply return it to us with the security of our 100% Music Direct Guarantee.

The Short Explanation: What Power Plant P15 Does
DirectStream P15 takes your incoming AC power and converts it to DC and then, with patented PS Audio technology, regenerates and produces new sine-wave-perfect, regulated high-current AC power. In the process of regeneration, any problems on your power line – such as low voltage, distorted waveforms, sagging power, and noise – are eliminated. It's important to remember everything you see and hear through your system is really the power from your home's wall socket manipulated to make music through the speakers by the electronics. The quality of the power is critical to the success of any high-end system.

Exclusive PS Audio Technologies: MultiWave and CleanWave Technologies
One of the major advantages of generating new power from old is the ability to also generate new waveforms that enhance the capabilities of the power feeding your equipment. MultiWave extends the peak charging time of the sine wave so connected equipment has more energy storage and less power supply ripple. Turning MultiWave on is like adding a larger capacitor bank to your connected equipment's power supply. The audible results are dramatic and produce a bigger soundstage that sounds far more natural than with a simple sine wave. CleanWave helps connected equipment demagnetize their transformers. AC power is never quite symmetrical, and the small asymmetry that occurs can magnetize connected power transformers. Activating CleanWave from either the P15 remote control or touch screen can remove this problem from connected transformers, resulting in far cleaner audio.

Amazingly Low Output Impedance Yields Unrestrained Dynamics
Low output impedance is critical to maintaining a dynamic and robust presentation. Dynamic sags in the power line occur whenever your power-hungry equipment demands power to drive your loudspeakers or projector, causing noticeable degradation in performance. Placing anything in the path of the power, like a power conditioner, only worsens the problem. A Power Plant, on the other hand, regulates the power and provides a constant output irregardless of the dynamic demands of power-hungry equipment or your neighbors. When your power amp is asked to produce loud levels, you want to make sure it has all the power it needs. Power Plants have such low output impedance that even the hungriest of amplifiers won't be starved for clean AC power. The results of feeding your equipment with low output impedance are dramatic: Unrestrained dynamics even under the loudest passages, an open soundstage that does not collapse with volume, and a naturalness to the music.

Get the Info You Want, When You Want It: Full-Color Touch-Panel Control
Touch the large, full-color display on the front of P15 and a whole world of opportunities blossom. From there, you can measure distortion, both incoming and outgoing, improvement levels, and power consumption. You can also change all your settings such as the turn on/off sequence, adjust the output voltage to the perfect level, turn individual zones on or off, and measure the power quality with either the built-in oscilloscope or the THD analyzer. P15's front-panel controls offer a wealth of options not normally associated with AC power products, such as the ability to measure the distortion of the incoming and outgoing waveforms plus the ability to actually see the waveforms with the color oscilloscope.

What's the Difference Between Power Plants and Power Conditioners?
Most power conditioners on the market are passive filters. This means there are only passive parts inside such as capacitors, resistors, transformers and coils of wire. Power conditioners do not have the ability to add missing energy back onto the power line to correct for the serious issues in the AC, nor can they lower output impedance – critical to high-performance audio. While some high-end power conditioners provide a significantly better sound and performance, they are unable to address the fundamental problems found on the AC line. This means they cannot ensure your listening and viewing experience will always be the same. By relying on passive means to help the AC power, you relinquish the security and reliability of a system running from a PS personal generator.Power Plants are personal AC generators that provide hard-working results from the AC power line. Power regeneration uses active components, like those found in large and powerful audio amplifiers, to rebuild the AC power and produce clean, clear, distortion-free, regulated AC to the equipment. Power Plants also provide excellent protection and cleaning of radio, cellphone, and computer interference. More importantly, regeneration provides a steady, regulated, ultra-low impedance source of pure AC unaffected by the equipment's demands for power.

How a Power Plant Improves Your Power – and System Performance
The key to the Power Plant's success and what makes it unique relates to the way it makes the power better. Instead of simple filtering as a legacy power conditioner does, the Power Plant actually repairs the main power issues actually caused by the equipment itself: Dynamic fluctuations that occur with nearly every power amplifier or receiver. When a loud musical passage is reproduced, the power amplifier draws more power from the wall to feed the loudspeakers. When this occurs, the voltage at the wall decreases in direct relationship with the loudness of the musical passage. Louder is worse. Traditional power conditioners only worsen this already bad situation. If, on the other hand, the system is powered from a Power Plant AC regenerator, the problem is eliminated. Dynamic voltage fluctuations are stopped completely, the power amp receiving regulated, steady AC power regardless of the demands from the power amplifier.

  • Built in Boulder, Colorado
  • 1500VA output
  • Passively cooled
  • Three times lower impedance than P10
  • 10 outlets
  • 15A AC input
  • 120-volt regulated
  • Range 95 – 145 VAC
  • 100% regenerated AC
  • MultiWave technology
  • Pure Sine Wave technology
  • Integrated oscilloscope
  • THD meter
  • Improvement meter
  • Power meter
  • Control via the web
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Color touchscreen
  • Field upgradable
  • 82 pounds boxed
  • 17W x 8.5H x 14D
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