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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Hydra Typhon QR Power Conditioner

Power Conditioner

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Pair the Shunyata Hydra Typhon QR Power Conditioner with Triton v3 to Form the Ultimate Power-Conditioning Suite: State-of-the-Art Technologies Allow You to Hear What Music Can Truly Sound Like

This is what state-of-the-art reference is all about. Specifically designed to mate with Shunyata's Hydra Triton v3 power conditioner to form a flagship power-conditioning suite, The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award-winning Hydra Typhon QR operates in parallel with the Triton's already formidable noise-reduction capabilities to allow your system to deliver every nuance, breath, and inch of space in a recording. A significant advance from the original model, Typhon QR is intended as a finishing product that places the final touch on a no-holds-barred high-end system – converting it from fantastic to breathtakingly sublime. Technologies derived from Shunyata's Hydra Denali Series – including patent-pending QR/BB noise-reduction units that are none times the volume of those employed in Denali as well as ArNi conductors and hydraulic electromagnetic breakers – account for Typhon QR's hands-down unparalleled performance. A vibration-reducing, heavy-gauge steel-and-aluminum chassis, purpose-built umbilical cord, and SSF-50 stabilizing feet further account for its premium sonic quality.

When connected to Triton v3, Typhon QR provides staggering levels of resolution that recreate the full size and scale of any recording. Triton v3 alone gives voices flesh and body, places instruments within their proper context, expands frequency range, and reduces noise to vanishingly low levels. Adding Typhon QR drastically improves on every aspect, opening up the soundstage, squaring out the corners of the hall, and recreating the sense of having been present at the original session. Voices are no longer mere recorded events, but the sound of real artists standing before a microphone pouring their souls into every song. Previously obscured subtleties and background colors now appear, just as they do onstage and in a studio.

For optimal results in a computer- or server-based system, Typhon QR should be paired with both Triton v3 and the Shunyata DPC-6 v3. Triton v3 provides power distribution for eight components while Typhon QR extends the former's noise-reduction capabilities. Hydra DPC-6 isolates and firewalls the computer devices, preventing them from adversely affecting the audio components. Typhon QR may also be used as a standalone unit to dispense power to amplifiers. Simply plug Typhon v3 directly into the AC wall outlet and use the Typhon umbilical cable to connect to the amplifier. Please note: This application requires a custom termination of the Typhon umbilical to match the inlet of the specific amplifier.

No matter how you employ Typhon v3, we guarantee you've never experienced anything like it in your system. Order today or contact a Music Direct audio expert to learn more and arrange a risk-free in-home audition today.

DTCD Design (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery)
Typhon QR is designed using the DTCD measurement analyzer. DTCD Analysis measures instantaneous current through low-impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata Research uses it to optimize the design, specification, and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current-delivery performance.

‌Patent-Pending QR/BB and Patented NIC Noise Reduction
Patented NIC (Noise Isolation Chamber) technology reduces high-frequency power-line noise. NICs use a non-reactive ferroelectric substance that actually absorbs high-frequency noise, allowing Hydra power distributors to reduce noise without the negatives associated with conventional power conditioners. QR/BB is a patent-pending technology that improves system dynamics, especially when used with high powered amplifiers.

‌Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker for Over-Current Protection
Common power conditioners use fuses or thermal breakers for over-current protection. If heavily loaded, they may cause voltage drops, increased contact impedance, thermal noise, excessive heat generation, and current-limiting effects. Typhon employs a more advanced solution – a hydraulic electromagnetic breaker – that can operate right up to the maximum current level without the limitations of fuses or thermal breakers.

Proprietay ArNi Conductors
Shunyata Research has developed its own proprietary ArNi conductors made using the highest-grade certified copper available (OFE C10100/Certified ASTM F68). ArNi conductors are arrayed in a "hollow tube" VTX geometry and treated with the Kinetic Phase Inversion Processor (KPIP) for two days.

SSF-50 Footers
SSF-50 is standard on Typhon QR. Power distributors react very similarly to amplifiers in relationship to floor-borne vibration. Shunyata Research tested dozens of the commonly available feet and determined none were adequate for use with Shunyata products. After researching multiple forms of energy-dissipation methods, the company developed SSF-50, providing the performance characteristics of expensive after-market footers without the exorbitant cost.

Voltage input range: 90-250 V~
Maximum input voltage: 250 V~
Voltage output range: 90-250 V~ unregulated
Maximum continuous current (US): 20 A
Maximum instantaneous peak voltage @ 8.33 ms: >2500 V~
Maximum instantaneous peak [email protected] 8.33 ms: >1000 A
Maximum transient pulse @ 8/50 μs: 40,000 A
AC plug: IEC-C20
AC connector: IEC-C19
Wire: 2x 6 gauge line, 1x 8 gauge ground
Dimensions (WDH): 17-1/4" x 17-1/8" x 6"
Weight: 42 lbs.

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