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Equipment > Power > Granite Audio - Ground Zero Star Grounding System Model 502
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GRANITE AUDIO - Ground Zero Star Grounding System Model 502

Power Conditioner

Granite Audio - Ground Zero AGAGZ

GRANITE AUDIO - Ground Zero Star Grounding System Model 502

Power Conditioner

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The Granite Audio Ground Zero is an affordable, portable, totally passive, star-grounding system! It equalizes the ground impedance path of every component in your audio or video system regardless of the condition of your house wiring and regardless of how complex your system is. Ground Zero does all this without any connection to the signal path and it’s totally passive! The Ground Zero comes complete with 6 special low impedance cables to connect to the chassis of each component in your system.  A new feature is a special Wall Outlet Cable, which can be used to reference the Ground Zero’s ground plane to your home’s ground.*

The Ground Zero can be installed in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver. The low-impedance, 32-amp silver switches do the rest. With a flick of a few switches, your system's noise floor  is lowered and annoying hum is removed. There’s no need to rewire your home or use cheater plugs. The Ground Zero is also a great choice for renters: you can have all the benefits of a dedicated ground, but take it with you when you move.

The Star-grounding principle has been around for decades, but Ground Zero does more: it divides your system into 3 subgroups and allows you to actually balance the impedance between the groups with 27 switch settings to get the absolute lowest noise floor and maximize ground loop elimination. The Ground Zero is the world's first portable, novice-friendly hum elimination device!

Here’s how you use it: The Wall Outlet Cable* connects to any open jack on the back of the Ground Zero and then connects to any available wall outlet.  Its effect will vary depending on which jack and wall outlet are used, so test this cable last.  Connect the rest of the Ground Zero system first and test the results without the Wall Outlet Cable.  Then see if the Wall Outlet Cable gives an additional improvement later.

* - Although you don’t have to use it, the Wall Outlet Cable, (a green tipped cable) allows the Ground Zero to reference your house ground via the electrical outlet box on the wall.  This may offer additional lowering of the noise floor, but if you don't get any additional improvement with the Wall Outlet Cable, then you certainly don't need to use it

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