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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Hydra Denali 6000S Power Conditioner

Power Conditioner

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Limitless Power-Delivery Capability, Superb Noise Reduction, and Proprietary Technologies Provide Supreme Musical Performance and Reference Dynamics: Shelf-Design Shunyata Hydra Denali D6000/S Power Conditioner Has Three Zones and Six Outlets

The Shunyata Hydra Denali D6000/S power conditioner represents the incomparable state-of-the-art in performance, technology, and design. Every aspect of the six-outlet, three-zone Hydra Denali D6000/S is made to better perfect your listening experience by ensuring you hear more information, nuance, detail, presence, immediacy, clarity, and tonality. Able to deliver unlimited power – enough to supply power to entire systems, including high-demand amplifiers – D6000/S utilizes a non-limiting 20-Amp electromagnetic breaker and massive, 8-gauge internal wiring. Cutting-edge noise-reduction abilities come via patented, increased-efficiency Noise Isolation Chambers (NIC v2) that reduce frequency interference as well as the patent-pending QR/BB, which eliminates the dynamic compression that results when amplifiers are connected to a power conditioner and momentously improves the dynamic range when the amp is connected to a Denali. High-grade CCI (component-to-component) filters developed for medical-imaging applications isolate one component from another, giving you even blacker backgrounds and deeper, wider soundstages. But that's just part of the story behind this U.S.A.-made breakthrough with three isolated zones and six outlets.

Designed to eliminate the noise, pollution, and resistance that negatively impact listening, D6000/S boasts an all-aluminum chassis treated with vibration-dampening panels and a vibration-absorbing system outfitted on every single outlet. The footers, CCI filters, NICs, and QR/BB are all potted with vibration-dampening compound. Shunyata's perfectionist-minded build carries into D6000/S's other internal parts. Exclusive to Denali, a cable cradle support system solves any connection problems associated with heavy high-end cables by completely supporting the cable's weight and preventing it from pulling away (or drooping) from the outlet. Shunyata's proprietary CopperCONN outlets yield the highest level of conductivity and least electrical resistance, while patented VTX and ArNi conductors and cryogenic treated components further guarantee unsurpassed quality and premium performance. To top it off, each Denali D6000/S is treated with a proprietary KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process) to significantly reduce burn-in time and augment the sonics. If you've invested in a high-end system, you need clean and continuous power to reap the rewards you deserve. The incredible Denali D6000/S serves this role and more. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Denali Hydra 6000/S Highlights:
  • State-of-the-Art Power Conditioning in Compact Tower Design
  • Patented Noise Isolation Chambers Reduce Frequency Interference
  • QR/BB Eliminates Compression and Improves Overall Dynamics
  • 20-Amp Electromagnetic Breaker Provides Unlimited Power Delivery
  • Comprehensive Vibration-Control System Yields Supreme Isolation
  • Exclusive Cable Cradle Support Ensures Watertight Connection to Power Cables
  • Includes CopperCONN Outlets, VTX Conductors, and KPIP Treatment
  • Three Isolation Zones (One HC) and Six Outlets
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