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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Triton 2 Sigma HC Bundle

Power Conditioner

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Shunyata Hydra Triton v2 Power Conditioner, Sigma HC Power Cable, and SSF-50 Feet Bundle

Save $1,000 on the Shunyata Hydra Triton v2 Power Conditioner, Zitron Sigma 20A HC Power Cord, and SSF-50 Feet Package: Elevates the Performance of Even the Most Serious Audio Systems

Multiple trademarked technologies, proprietary manufacturing procedures, and breakthrough electrical design ideas are just a few of the reasons why the Shunyata Hydra Triton v2 is the world's most preeminent power conditioner. Offering superlative performance, goosebump-inducing dynamics, impeccable timing, and the blackest of black backgrounds, Triton v2 serves as both a high-end audio flagship and state-of-the-art engineering vision. Made in the U.S.A. and stabilized in this limited-time package with Shunyata's premium SSF-50 feet, Triton v2 touts wholesale improvements over its award-winning processor and boasts front-to-back enhancements that make your music and movies sound – and look – hyper-realistic. You can read about some of the complex technical features, parts, and implementations in understandable laymen's terms below, but for now, simply know that Triton v2 represents the pinnacle of power-conditioning capability. Shunyata thoroughly considered and subsequently tested each and every detail, component, and effect inside and outside Triton v2. This is as good as it gets. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Prodigious Advances In Sonic and Visual Performance, Front-to-Back Updates
Hydra Triton v2 represents a major material and measurable advance of the pioneering concepts that made the original Triton model the most professionally and critically acclaimed product of its kind. Sonically and visually, the performance differences between the original Triton and v2 are nothing less than extraordinary. Superior DTCD and Noise Measurements only hint at the dramatic increase in perceived background silence, improved dynamics, and musical timing. Virtually all the parts – with the exception of the patented Noise Isolation Chambers – are significantly updated within Triton v2.

Zero-Point Power Distribution System, CCI Filters, CopperConn Outlet
Such improvements include the Zero-Point Power Distribution System (ZPP-DS), a custom-manufactured all-copper buss system linking all outlets to a single point of electrical contact. Internally, Shunyata's CCI (Component-to-Component Interference) noise filters have are applied to each outlet, preventing the spread of high-frequency noise between terminals. Triton v2s also come equipped with external grounding terminals. They're capable of grounding any remote system component through the central Noise Isolation Chambers contained within each v2. Shunyata even implemented its own CopperCONN US outlet, which is culled from solid copper and which offers superior grip strength and connectivity (DTCD) compared to any standard or audiophile-grade US model outlet.

Product of the Year Award-Winning Sigma HC Cable
Part of the elite Shunyata Sigma Series of power cables, Sigma High Current (HC) is the result of 15 years of patented science, engineering, and parts development. Winer of The Absolute Sound's Product of the Year Award, it is the finest high-current power cable the high end has ever seen. Sigma cables essentially function as independent power conditioners. Equipped with a six-gauge conductor complement and unique internal construction, Sigma HC is uniquely designed for the world's most demanding amps and power conditioners. It is also tested for optimum delivery of DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery). All three Sigma models cancel the specific frequencies of noise commonly associated with the class of components for which they are designed, be it digital, analog, or high-current gear. You've never heard your system sound as effortless as it will when paired with Sigma.

"What I can say is that the Sigma power cords are the best I have ever used and that each one's performance exceeded my expectations. They provided more than a mere incremental improvement in my system over the company's previous offerings and the list prices reflect that. While an entire "loom" of the cords will be out of many peoples' reach, even individual cords yielded impressive results."
The Audio Beat

"Shunyata continues to push the state-of-the-art in AC power. The Sigma is the best cord Shunyata has made, improving on previous models by deepening background silences , increasing resolution at the lowest levels, rendering textures more realistically, allowing the rest of your components to sound their best. Robert Harley's reference."
- The Absolute Sound, 2015 Product of the Year Award

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Maximum Voltage: 130 VAC (non regulated)
Maximum Continuous Current: 20 Amps
Maximum Instantaneous Current: >100 Amps (8 ms)
Over voltage surge suppression: 20,000 Amps
Over current protection: Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker
Dimensions (WHD): 17"x5.7"x16.3"
Weight: 38 lbs

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