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AVM Audio AVM - SD 3.2 Streaming Preamplifier & DAC (Black) **PHOTO SHOOT**


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AVM - SD 3.2 Streaming Preamplifier & DAC: $5495

DSD, TIDAL, Internet Radio, 24-Bit/192kHz Upsampling, and USB Connectivity All Under One Roof: AVM SD 3.2 Dazzles as a Streamer, DAC, Preamplifier, and Class A Headphone Amp

The "SD" nomenclature of the AVM SD 3.2 streamer and DAC covers this rack-ready component's high-end streaming and DAC functions. But it doesn't let you know SD 3.2 serves as a very capable preamplifier when used with an amp – or that, when paired with active speakers, it doubles as a go-to music solution that brings DSD, TIDAL, Internet radio, and gobs of other streaming options to your fingertips by way of its mobile-app controllability. Or that it provides DSP up to 24-bit/192kHz (and DSD64) and and switchable upsampling for all digital signals up to 192kHz and DSD64. And while logically informative, the "SD" designation neglects to convey just how exceptional SD 3.2 sounds – less than it stand for "SuperDynamic." Digital audio conversion has long been an AVM hallmark, and the company pulls no punches here. Imaging, sound staging, coherency, solidity, pacing – qualities every music lover values – are exquisitely reproduced. You won't want to stop listening.

Like any high-tech 21st century audio device, SD 3.2 hosts with a full suite of connectivity options. Five digital inputs (including a switchable asynchronous and synchronous USB), two unbalanced line inputs, one balanced pre out, and one unbalanced pre out accompany switchable digital filters, a Class A headphone amplifier, bypassable tone controls, and user-customizable presets. It's easy to overlook, but SD 3.2 also claims unassailable build quality and stellar fit and finish. Built in Germany using hand-selected parts, it arrives throughly tested, vetted, and inspected by the manufacturer. All that awaits is your approval. We're staking our 100% Money-Back Guarantee on the fact you'll love it.

The AVM Advantage: In-House Manufacturing and Quality Control
All AVM products are carefully developed and assembled in Malsch, Germany. AVM's suppliers for housing and electronic parts are located nearby, the close proximity and collaborating ensuring a superb quality level is maintained from start to finish. AVM also tests every product. When the assembly is finished and first inspection completed, every unit must pass a break-in test to prove reliability. A careful final inspection occurs before packing and shipping.

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