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Save $3,500, Get a Complete Reference-Class Front End, and Hear the Balanced Difference: BAT Summer Special Bundle Includes VK-23SE Preamp, VK-225 Power Amp, VK-P6 Phono Preamp

Get the hottest high-end audio deal of the summer, save more than $3,500, and experience the crystalline purity, accurate tonality, and staggering dynamics only made possible by balanced designs with this Balanced Audio Technology bundle. Comprising the BAT VK-23SE preamplifier, VK-225 stereo power amplifier, and VK-P6 phono preamplifier, it gives you an instant reference-class front end and the ability to hear vinyl LPs with tremendous detail, warmth, and authority. All you need to do is add the source components of your choice. These revered, American-made BAT components do the rest.

Described by the dictionary as "freedom from adulteration or contamination," "purity" gets defined in musical form in the guise of the Balanced Audio Technology VK-23SE preamplifier. Loaded with technology found in the company's top-of-the-line components – including transformer-coupled outputs, a customizable user interface, and a proprietary 140-step shunt volume control – BAT's entry-level solid-state preamplifier performs and sounds like a revered tube design. Transmitting the audio signal through just one gain stage and employing identical devices to handle the waveform, VK-23SE plays back music with perfect symmetry that yields incredible transparency, wowing dynamics, and accurate tonalities.

Packing significant power and authoritative sound in a compact form, Balanced Audio Technology's VK-225 power amplifier gives listeners a tremendous return on their musical investment. Featuring technology derived from BAT's reference VK-6200, this stunning component offers sonic virtues associated with bigger – and more expensive – designs. Delivering 150Wpc into eight ohms (300Wpc into four), VK-225 confidently drives any load. A discrete Class AB output stage, bipolar transistors, and symmetrical driver stage account for heightened levels of expressiveness. Brilliant textures, absorbing tonality, and a rich spectrum of colors are just the beginning. All at a cost that brings BAT's world-renowned dynamics into the realm of possibility for more music lovers.

Available for a lower price than the model it replaces, Balanced Audio Technology's VK-P6 phono preamplifier delivers an astonishing combination of performance and value. Incorporating many of the exact engineering elements found in BAT's reference VK-P12 Series, VK-P6 employs ten tubes in a dual-mono, zero-feedback topology. Impregnable construction and enormous energy reserves are matched by extensive flexibility in cartridge loading. This spectacular audiophile component touts greatly extended dynamic range and the ability to resolve harmonic and reverberant detail in the quietest passages.

"The BAT VK-P6 gives you a luxury ride at a relatively low price. It's build quality is high (it weighs 35 pounds), its sonics are rich and fully fleshed out and the pictures it paints are vivid, widescreen and deep. What will be to your liking is the unit's quiet backgrounds, its impressive dynamic authority, and its pleasing sense of rhythm'n'pacing as we like to put it in Stereophile."
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile/Analog Planet

VK-23SE Steeped in Technology Found in BAT's Flagship Designs
On the surface, VK-23SE is Balanced Audio Technology entry-level solid-state preamplifier. Yet it's packed with much of the same technology found in the company's flagship solid-state and vacuum-tube preamplifiers. VK-23SE combines BAT's trademark high-current Unistage topology with the transformer-coupled outputs that anchor every BAT Special Edition preamplifier. They work in conjunction with a symmetrical N-channel Unistage gain block to provide BAT's hallmark performance. An easy-to-use programmable user interface and discrete 140-step shunt volume control are the same as those found on BAT's top-of-the-line REX II preamplifier – right down to the Vishay bulk foil resistors used in the volume-control circuit.

Fully Balanced, Unistage Topology, Proprietary Volume Control
Naturally, VK-23SE is fully balanced. The signal in VK-23SE is transmitted through only one gain stage, leaving it free of the negative artifacts attributable to both extremes of modern preamplifier design. Its circuit is based entirely on N-Channel MOSFET devices. VK-23SE offers another rare advantage in that identical devices – in identical circuit configuration – handle both sides of the audio waveform and ensure ultimate symmetry of the resulting signal. Employing the same sophisticated volume-control circuit as the REX II preamplifier, VK-23SE also boasts a proprietary electronic shunt volume attenuator that offers 140 steps of 0.5dB resolution for precise control.

VK-225 in a Nutshell: Unbridled Musicality, Authoritative Power, Compact Design

Balanced Audio Technology's VK-225 power amplifier combines unfettered musicality and authoritative power in a compact design. Delivering 150 watts per channel into eight ohms (300 watts per channel into four ohms), and based on the award-winning topology in BAT's reference VK-6200 multichannel power amp, this majestic amp confidently drives any speaker. Lending unrestrained ease to the most demanding recordings, its superb dynamic control is obviously evident even on difficult loads. A perfect complement to BAT's VK-23SE preamplifier, VK-225 is fully upgradeable to the Special Edition VK-225SE, which adds a second-generation SuperPak.

Discrete Class AB Output Stage, Huge Power Supply
Unlike today's increasingly common digital amplifier designs, VK-225 features carefully selected bipolar transistors in its discrete Class AB output stage. Each channel in VK-225 uses six high-power bipolar output devices, boasting a combined rating of 1380 watts. In conjunction with the large power supply, VK-225 offers substantial power to accommodate modern speaker needs. A fully balanced and symmetrical driver stage feeds the robust output stage. No global feedback is employed, and a sophisticated protection circuit assures trouble-free operation. And, of course, being a BAT, its fully balanced XLR inputs afford complete signal representation.

VK-P6 Uses Same Toroidal Power Transformers as Those in Flagship REX II
Built for decades of enjoyment, VK-P6 uses the same heavy-duty chassis as BAT's top-of-the-line products. Its dual-mono topology starts with two massive toroidal power transformers – the same parts used in BAT's flagship REX II preamplifier. From there, the power goes to massive energy storage reserves worthy of many power amplifiers. The meticulous layout of the large circuit board provides the shortest-possible signal path. And the ten-tube topology is derived from that found in the VK-P12 phonostage. Upgraded signal capacitors are used throughout. Aesthetically, the industrial design seamlessly blends with all components--particularly those of the BAT family.

Your LPs Will Finally Sound the Way the Engineer Intended
VK-P6 employs a differential RIAA network, permitting ease of adjustment and improved common mode noise rejection. Completely passive, this circuit has fewer components than a more traditional implementation. The benefits translate into improved matching of the RIAA curve to specification. With the BAT Flying RIAA network, you can be assured that all of your records sound the way that the recording engineer intended. Vacuum-tube current sources further improve the linearity and yield a more open, textured sound. Dual 6SN7 vacuum tubes act as current sources for the second gain stage. Yes, BAT thought of everything. All you need to do is listen.

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