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BALANCED AUDIO TECHNOLOGY BAT - VK-51SE Preamp (Black with Silver Accents) **Certified Pre-Owned**


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Quiet, Quick, Hyper-Accurate Eight-Tube BAT Preamplifier Delivers Holographic Musical Reproduction: BAT-Certified Pre-Owned VK-51SE Has One-Year Warranty and Very Good Cosmetic Grade

The BAT VK-51SE represents state-of-the-art tube preamplifier technology. Embodying years of design innovation combines with engineering and material science, VK-51SE serves as a laboratory instrument for recovering the musical event. This fully balanced preamplifier incorporates eight of the original NOS 6H30 Super Tubes, with four in each channel. Exceptionally quiet, quick, and accurate, VK-51SE delivers one of the most dynamic and holographic experiences possible in the reproduction of recorded music. The astonishing resolving power of VK-51SE begins with BAT's zero feedback, fully balanced Unistage technology. Realizing the full potential of this circuit, the remarkable 6H30 Super Tube, pioneered for use in audio equipment by BAT, preserves the musical waveform with incredible accuracy. Every single part used in the construction of the revolutionary gain stage has been meticulously selected for the finest performance. VK-51SE also has five XLR inputs and two XLR outputs for the stellar balanced sound.

Dynamic performance remains the most recognizable difference between live music and the recorded event. VK-51SE dramatically narrows this gap. Its power supply stores more than 325 joules of energy, providing more headroom than many power amplifiers! But raw power is not enough for VK-51SE. BAT designed a sophisticated topology specifically for this world-class preamplifier. To wit, the revised SUPER PAK has been upgraded with paper-in-oil capacitors for the power supply, giving the preamp complete control of low frequencies while removing all haze from the midrange and high frequency presentation beyond audibility. Coupled with the paper-in-oil SIX-PAK output capacitor modules, these changes give VK-51SE an effortless dynamic range and special accuracy.

VK-51SE uses BAT's world-class user interface and is housed in elegant casework. Its build quality and reliability are bywords in the industry. To fully understand the achievement of VK-51SE, you need to hear it in your system. Plus, this refurbished VK-51SE features all-new NOS 6H30 tubes, new capacitors, a new display tube, a new optical encoder, and exhaustive cleaning, adjusting, and testing to ensure it is in first-rate shape. Given the work and care invested in returning this unit to tip-top condition, this VK-51SE could almost pass for being brand-new. Schedule your in-home audition today! Your satisfaction is backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

BAT-Certified Pre-Owned Products Are Thoroughly Refurbished at the Factory, Include One-Year Warranty
All BAT-certified used products come with a full one-year parts-and-labor factory warranty, which extends to vacuum tubes. Each BAT-certified unit undergoes a thorough refurbishment at the factory. A full test is run to ensure each product meets factory specifications. Any defective parts (e.g., Six-Pak output modules, capacitors, digital volume encoders, vacuum tubes, etc.) will be replaced during the course of the refurbishment and testing. Major cosmetic flaws are also repaired, but the product may have nominal cosmetic flaws consistent with normal use. In addition to noting any item that gets replaced, BAT grades the unit's cosmetic condition on a scale ranging from good to very good to excellent. This VK-51SE unit has a VERY GOOD grade. To receive the full one-year BAT warranty, you must return the warranty registration form to BAT within 30 days of purchase.

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