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Flagship Performance: Balanced Audio Technology VK-43SE Preamplifier Plays Music With Reference-Quality Tonal Coherence, Textural Liquidity, Savory Transparency, and Pinpoint Detail

Transformer-Coupled Outputs, 2nd-Generation Oil-Filled Capacitors, and Mammoth Power-Supply Capacitance Give BAT VK-43SE Preamplifier Tube-Like Sound: Simple, Versatile, Customizable

Balanced Audio Technology's VK-43SE preamplifier changes what's possible with solid-state technology. Boasting reference-caliber tonal coherence, textural liquidity, and savory transparency, this cutting-edge instrument reproduces music's finest details and dynamics with the unstinting accuracy, grace, warmth, and power associated with tubes. Fully balanced, the dual-mono VK-43SE owes its staggering sonic abilities to upgraded transformer-coupled outputs, a symmetrical N-Channel Unistage gain block, second-generation oil-filled capacitors, and mammoth power-supply capacitance. Able to effortlessly handle even the most challenging signal requirements, VK-43SE abets its high-current performance with a simple user interface, versatile customizability, and optional phonostage. Designed to pair with the world's finest systems, BAT's flagship solid-state preamplifier is ready for you. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

A New Benchmark in Solid-State Preamplifier Design
Combining BAT's trademark high-current Unistage topology with the transformer-coupled outputs anchoring all Balanced Audio Technology Special Edition preamplifiers, VK-43SE establishes a new performance benchmark. Upgraded output transformers work in conjunction with a symmetrical N-channel Unistage gain block (biased at an extraordinary 250ma) to deliver BAT's hallmark high-current operation. Fully balanced dual-mono construction and more than 55,000uF of power-supply capacitance yield instantaneous response to the most demanding signal requirements. Second-generation oil-filled capacitors provide increased purity to the elegant Unistage circuit, completing BAT's new flagship solid-state preamplifier.

Unistage Topology, Second-Generation Oil-Filled Capacitors, MOSFET Circuit
Simplicity of design continues to be a hallmark of Balanced Audio Technology's purist approach. Since the signal in VK-43SE is transmitted through only one gain stage, the design is free from the negative artifacts attributable to both extremes of modern preamplifier design – passive preamplifiers on one end of the spectrum, and multi-stage buffered active circuits on the other. In addition, second-generation oil-filled capacitors dramatically lower VK-43SE's noise floor and present a grain-free, textured, and refined portrayal of musical harmonics. A high-current N-Channel MOSFET circuit ensures ultimate symmetry of the audio signal and accounts for tube-like coherence, textural liquidity, and cutting-edge transparency.

Ready for Your Personal Touch – And the World's Finest Music Systems
Easy to use right out of the box, VK-43SE is just as user-friendly to customize. You can dim the display from the comfort of your chair by using the BAT remote. Fade music at the touch of a button. Switch phase to see if a recording is made in reverse absolute polarity. Even name your sources. VK-43SE also employs a proprietary electronic shunt volume attenuator that offers 140 steps of 0.5dB resolution. Also available with the optional VK-P20 phono module designed to compete with external phonostages twice its price, VK-43SE stands at the ready to anchor the finest reference systems.

Inputs: 2 XLR + 3 RCA
Main Outputs: 1 XLR+ 1 RCA
Tape Outputs: 1 RCA
Maximum Gain: 20dB
Global Feedback: None
Volume Control Resolution: 0.5dB
Volume Control Number of Steps: 140
Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 200 kHz
Input Impedance (minimum): 100 kΩ each phase
Output Impedance: 200 Ω each phase
Noise (Unweighted): -100dB
Distortion at 2V Output: 0.01%
Maximum Output Signal: 20V
Absolute Polarity: Switchable
Power Consumption: 60VA
Dimensions: 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"
Weight: 40 lbs.

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