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iFi - Micro iTube2 Buffer Stage


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Add Tube Sound to Any System with the iFi micro iTube2 Buffer Stage and Enhance Detail, Warmth, Transparency, Naturalism: Customizable Device Has Three Sonic Signatures, Sounds Incredible

Greatly expanding and improving upon the acclaimed original, the iFi micro iTube2 buffer stage functions as an all-in-one tubed output stage, tube preamplifier, and impedance-matching device that can be used with and drastically enhance any stereo system. Designed with trickle-down technology derived from iFi's reference Pro Series products, micro iTube2 allows you to essentially tube your entire audio chain and experience the renowned warmth, tones, naturalism, and midrange magic associated with tube gear. Whether you love vinyl LPs or digital, tubes or solid state, headphones or speakers, iTube2 works wonders across all platforms. It instantly elevates the transparency and resolution from any source. And this device is built to keep going and going and going, with circuit regulation and an NOS GE 5760 tube specified to last a time-defying 100,000 hours. 

iTube2 takes into account all listeners' desire for individual customization. You can choose from three settings to best suit your system and listening preferences. With the simple flick of a switch, iTube2 offers single-ended triode power amp, push-pull tube power amp, and classic tube amp sonic signatures, so you'll always get the sound you want. Better still, these choices reward experimentation and the use of multiple iTube2s in your rig. Insert iTube2 between your preamp and amp, behind your DAC or streamer, or with your phono preamplifier. Change the settings and hear what works for your needs. This is high-end audio as it should be. You'll enjoy more richness, detail, clarity, and dimensionality. And you'll have more fun.

Speaking of fun, iFi designed iTube2 to ideally match your existing gear. Unless you run an active (DEQX) or balanced system, the impedance-matching iTube2 epitomizes synergy. Of course, you can always adjust the output gain if you like. iFi's refined XBass+ matrix further increases iTube2's value and versatility. By letting your speakers reach down to 20Hz, the technology affords adjustable, degradation-free levels of bass control to enhance listening via speakers with limited low-end extension. iFi also boosted the performance of its 3D Holographic+ technology, which corrects fundamental spatial distortion issues in recordings and increases soundstage width.

In order to accomplish all the desired feats, iFi completely revised the original iTube from the inside-out so that it fits in even with cost-no-object systems. Only the super-long-lasting GE 5670 tube remains. ELNA Silmics and TDK C0G capacitors, Panasonic ECPU film capacitors, and a direct-coupled PCB all translate into extremely low distortion and tremendous signal purity. iFi even includes its stunning iPower 15v power supply for use with iTube2 so you can enjoy noise-cancellation technology and supreme quiet. You won't find anything else like iTube2. And certainly, nothing that makes this much difference for such an affordable cost. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"There is no single device in the market that comes even close to iTube array of features and performance. For Pure Class A preamp section + tube buffer, Digital Antidote, 3D Holographic sound and adjustable gain levels iTube deserved to be praised. All that without even going into a pricing scheme."
– Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

"You can place the iTube between pre and power amps though in my case this wasn't viable long-term as I require two outputs from a preamp. For me it's not a question of whether I need an iFiTube; rather it's how many do I need? I could do with one iTube for my DAC, another for my phonostage and a third one for my desktop system."

– Clive Meakins, Enjoy the Music.com

"You could say the worse the digital source, the more effective the iTube will be... Here, the tube buffer coupled with the 3D HolographicSound circuit and Digital Antidote offer up a triple treat capable of turning your desktop's digits into more natural sounding music."
– Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream

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