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SOUNDSMITH - EZ-Mount Headshell Kit



SOUNDSMITH - EZ-Mount Headshell Kit


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Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Headshell Kit

Take the Effort Out of Mounting Cartridges

It seems like you need three hands to mount a cartridge; one hand to hold the nut, one hand to hold the bolt and a third to tighten the bolt using a very small screwdriver or Allen wrench. Mounting a cartridge with only two hands is an exercise in frustration, something's always slipping, dropping or sliding. Our favorite problem is when the mounting hardware is either too heavy or too light, forcing you to rummage through every drawer trying to find hardware that is just the right weight. SoundSmith to the rescue! The EZ-Mount screws allow you to easily reduce or increase the mass right at the headshell with a selection of materials from lightweight nylon to heavyweight brass. The EZ-Mount screws also can be slightly loosened allowing small movements of the cartridge during critical alignments.

Mount Up!
The EZ-Mount Kit makes it easy to mount a cartridge; the knurled knobs are fairly large and easy to work, taking tiny tools out of the picture. Now a cartridge can be mounted with only two hands! Regardless of whether your cartridge is threaded or not, the EZ-Mount Kit is for you. Four pairs of knurled bolts, two sets of washers and a set of nuts make quick work of any installation. 

Pick Your Mount
The EZ-Mount kit consists of
four types of 10mm long bolts made from various materials. Although some may choose one type over the others, these bolts were chosen specifically to maximize compatibility with a large range of arms and cartridges.

EZ-Guide to EZ-Mount Hardware
  • Nylon: Provides best vibration control, with very low mass (1.04g per Pair)
  • Aluminum: Sonically faster and more full bodied than Nylon, but still lightweight (2.06g per Pair)
  • Stainless: Powerful and authoritative with excellent resolution at the expense of high weight (5.80g per Pair)
  • Brass: Sonically richest of the four, but very heavy (6.24g per Pair)

EZ-Mount Kit includes 4 pairs of 10MM long bolts, 2 non-magnetic Stainless Steel nuts, and 4 captive nylon washers. 

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