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ISOCLEAN - Tip Toe Bases


IsoClean - Tip Toe Bases AISOCLEANTT007

ISOCLEAN - Tip Toe Bases


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IsoClean Tip Toe Bases

Our Best Support Discs Actually Make Your Gear Sound Better

Tip Toe Bases are designed to be placed under your spikes or cone feet. More than just protection for your floors and shelves (which they do perfectly), Tip Toe Bases make a big improvement to the sound of your system by focusing and enhancing performance.

Perfect under equipment racks, speakers, stands or even as a cone cup for other vibration control measures. Tip Toe Bases are made from a combination of hard and soft materials which damp and absorb mechanical vibration. 

The upper section of the Tip Toe Bases are machined from Stainless Steel, the lower part from a variable density polymer. There are no practical limits to how much weight Tip Toe bases can support, so try a set under your rack, your speakers, your subwoofer, even your turntable! There are no practical limits to the places you can use Tip Toe Bases!

Isoclean Tip Toe Bases are available in three sizes to suit virtually any application:

Small Tip Toe Bases can be used anywhere and will support enormous amounts of weight, but are physically smaller and visually less obtrusive than the others.
Each Small Tip Toe Base measures 3/8” H x 1” W

Medium Tip Toe Bases are the most versatile and our best sellers, they offer great support on almost any surface.
Each Medium Tip Toe Base measures 5/8” H X 1 ½” W

Large Tip Toe Bases have a wide footprint and thus are more suitable for large heavy racks or for use on carpeted surfaces, where puncturing the carpet with spikes would be less than ideal.
Each Large Tip Toe Base measures 13/16” H x 2 1/8” W

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