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LYRA - SPT Stylus Treatment

Analog Accessories

Lyra - SPT Stylus Treatment ALYRASPT

LYRA - SPT Stylus Treatment

Analog Accessories

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Editors' Choice Award-Winning Lyra SPT Stylus Cleaner Treatment Includes Tiny Angled Brush, Gets Styli White-Gloves Clean without Any Mess or Residue

The Lyra SPT stylus cleaner treatment's primary function is straightforward: By helping to keep your cartridge's stylus scrupulously clean, it assists tracking and minimizes damage to your records and cartridge. Lyra has employed extensive listening tests during the development process of Lyra SPT. Not only will it work well with Lyra's own models, but you will find it offers a significant sonic boost to other high-performance cartridge designs, too. It comes with a special applicator brush that is gentler on your needle than the hard brushes from other products. Slightly more expensive than similar products, but worth the extra cost.

“Lyra’s formulation scrubs each precious stylus clean without globing on and ultimately reducing the compliance of the cantilever.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

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