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CAIG - Audio Video Survival Kit


Caig - Audio Video Survival Kit ACAIGAVKIT

CAIG - Audio Video Survival Kit


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CAIG Audio Video Survival Cleaning Kit

Keep all your Contacts and Connectors Clean - You'll Hear the Difference

If you are not cleaning all of your connectors, plugs, switches and jacks on a regular basis (we recommend every couple of months), the sonics of your system will slowly deteriorate over time. In fact, its happening as you read this. Since it happens slowly, you're probably not aware of the degradation-but it's there. We unconditionally guarantee that after you clean all of your connections you will not only physically see much cleaner contact points, you will hear an obvious sonic enhancement to your entire system. We havea special CAIG A/V Survival Kit providing everything you need to keep your entire system in tip-top shape.

The Caig Audio/Video Survival Kit comes complete with DeoxIT D5 Cleaner and Power Booster, ProGold G5 Conductivity and Conditioning Enhancer and CaiLube Precision Switch Lubricant. You get both 20ml spray cans as well as 2ml squeeze tubes of all three. The kit also includes lint-free swabs, brushes and cloths helping you to clean male and female RCA/XLR jacks, binding posts (as well as the spades, bananas or pins), tube sockets, A/C plugs, even all the contacts on your components rotary switches and knobs. This kit should be considered a mandatory accessory for everyone. Keep an extra kit in your car and make believers out of your audio buddies.

'One cleaning with this nearly miraculous accessory will be all it takes to convert you. The difference is startling...make that shocking. If I were applying stars to [Caig ProGold], it would get five...you can't really get good, much less state of the art, performance without it.'
– Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound

'I cleaned all of my connections with Caig's Audio/Video Survival Kit. I was surprised...no, stunned, by the amount of grunge that was removed from the sound, not to mention from the connectors themselves!'
– Brian Damkroger, Stereophile

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