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PRO-JECT - Debut Carbon DC Turntable


Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon DC Turntable APJTTDCDCBLK

PRO-JECT - Debut Carbon DC Turntable


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The Best-Sounding Under-$400 Turntable Made: Plug-and-Play Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Includes Installed Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge, Carbon-Fiber Tonearm, DC Power Supply, and Much More

Plainly speaking, no other turntable comes close for the price. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC boasts an incredible carbon-fiber tonearm for stiffness, an updated DC power supply for resolute speed stability, and the critically acclaimed Ortofon 2M Red moving-magnet cartridge for exceptional detail retrieval. When you're ready to hear what high-end analog really sounds like at an extremely affordable cost, this superb plug-and-play 'table is the only one that should be on your radar. By decreasing unwanted resonances, the 8.6" carbon-fiber tonearm immediately yields higher fidelity from any LP you play. Combined with the preinstalled 2M Red, this arm/cartridge combination delivers exceptional tracking and recovery of the musical nuances found within vinyl grooves. A hefty platter, low-noise motor with effective decoupling, stable isolation feet that protect Debut Carbon DC from vibrations, and multiple high-gloss color options are icing on the cake. Honestly, we don't understand how this is built and sold for less than $400. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"I'm confident the Carbon DC will sonically outperform any cheap CD player, particularly in terms of musical flow and general warmth. ...The sense of depth and spaciousness plus the image stability is impressive. Most highly recommended. I don't know what else comes close for $399."

– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

Terrific Support and Suspension Keep Vibrations and Noise to a Minimum
An attractive, piano-gloss finished, resonance-reducing MDF plinth supports a heavy, wide low-resonance platter for smooth rotation and low wow and flutter. Additionally, a felt record mat gives you superior record support and decoupling. Debut Carbon DC's platter and plinth assembly sits upon four-point "O"-ring feet designed for energy absorption. The plinth-mounted motor is isolated by Sorbothane suspension, keeping unwanted noise and vibration to a bare minimum, while the chassis-mounted RCA output jacks allow for the use of higher quality interconnects for even better sonic performance.

"[The Debut Carbon DC is] a fantastic place to start an analog crush, as it does a superb job with fundamentals. Moreover, when used in concert with modest gear, it provides musicality that MP3 players and inexpensive CD players cannot match. Yes, this 'table is all you need to get hooked on analog."

TONEAudio, Exceptional Value Award

Ortofon 2M Red: Finest Entry-Level Cartridge Available
Acclaimed by Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, TONEAudio, and practically every audiophile press outlet in the world, Ortofon 2M Red features Ortofon's trademark split pole pins. The latter enables it to have flat frequency response, just like a moving-coil cartridge. Ortofon invented the split pole pin technology. 2M Red features a tipped elliptical diamond and uses an improved engine, which provides an increased output of 5.5mV.

"The Debut Carbon DC nails the basics: dynamic shading, and speed constancy. The essentials of what we call 'rhythm and pace' are impressive. Whether for first-time turntable buyers or anyone wishing to enjoy high-quality LP playback without spending a lot of money, Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon DC is a great way to go." 

The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award

"We were surprised by the solid performance of this 12.3-pound turntable... Once isolated, it delivers smooth highs, accurate mids, and full lows, even through reference headphones."


  • 8.6" Carbon tonearm
  • Increased platter size with more weight
  • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
  • New DC power supply with ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator for ultimate speed stability
  • New TPE motor suspension
  • Felt mat
  • Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
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