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AUDIO INTELLIGENT - Enzymatic Formula

Record Cleaning

Audio Intelligent - Enzymatic Formula AAUDINTENZPT

AUDIO INTELLIGENT - Enzymatic Formula

Record Cleaning

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Just 3 Steps for a Dramatic Impact on the Sound of Your Record Collection! 

Step One:  The Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solution Enzymatic Formula is intended for use as the first cleaning step before either the Super Cleaner Formula or the Premium Archivist Formula. The Enzymatic Formula targets specific contaminants, including those dreaded mold release compounds, and loosens and dissolves them using enzyme cleaning action. The natural surfactant in the formula lifts these contaminants to the upper portion of the cleaning fluid layer on the record so they can be easily removed. For best results, we recommended leaving the Enzymatic Formula on the record for one minute or two. In instances with heavily contaminated records or those that have never been cleaned before, repeating the cleaning process or soaking the record for extended periods of time will be very helpful. When soaking, be sure to add enough fluid and spread it over the entire record surface to avoid evaporation on the record surface. This is the first step in the Audio Intelligent record care system.

Step Two: Premium Archivist Formula or Super Cleaner

Step Three: Ultra-Pure Water

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