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LAST PRODUCTS Last - Power Cleaner & Record Preservative Pkg

Record Cleaning

Last - Power Cleaner & Record Preservative Pkg ALAST6

LAST PRODUCTS Last - Power Cleaner & Record Preservative Pkg

Record Cleaning

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Keep Your New Vinyl LPs in Pristine Condition for Decades with a Custom Treatment Package: Last Power Cleaner and Record Preservative Work in Concert to Eliminate Noise and Preserve Clarity

Unlike anything else on the market, Last Power Cleaner and Record Preservative treatments operate in tandem to help keep your new vinyl LPs looking and sounding as good as the day you bought them for years and years to come. While each product can be used independently, when employed together, they constitute a simple, easy-to-use system whose effectiveness will likely astound you. And, by getting both together, you can save a little cash. The kit includes one 0.75-ounce bottle of Power Cleaner, one two-ounce bottle of Record Preservative, and four applicators. 

An unspoken truth about new vinyl LPs is that they come from the pressing plant with some unwanted leftovers from the manufacturing process. These sticky residues and contaminants cling to the surface and groove wall, attracting dirt and debris that traditional record cleaners cannot effectively remove. Last Power Cleaner safely washes these nasties away and, in the process, reduces noise, distortion, and record wear. Better still, applying Power Cleaner just once to each LP side is all that it takes for the surface to remain free of manufacturing-related remnants. Power Cleaner does not spoil over time and comes with three microfiber applicators. For optimal sound, use in tandem with Last Record Preservative.

Power Cleaner Application Instructions:

1. Place record on its record sleeve on a clean firm surface.
2. Place three drops of Power Cleaner on an applicator. Do not apply excessive amounts of Power Cleaner to the record or spots of residue may form.
3. Spread Power Cleaner evenly by moving the bottle nozzle back and forth across the applicator. Recap the bottle.
4. Clean record by moving applicator in a sweeping motion. Follow the record grooves around the record twice. Collect dust particles onto the applicator. If the record is excessively dirty, use the applicator to pick up debris every quarter turn of the record.
5. Remove excess dust from applicator by moving applicator velvet across the ruffled portion of the Power Cleaner bottle cap.
6. If excessive Power Cleaner is applied to the record and spots of residue form, let the record dry and re-clean the record following steps 1 through 5.

It's never been easier to keep your vinyl LPs in pristine condition than with Last Record Preservative. Just one 30-second treatment will maintain records' "like-new" condition for 200 plays. Completely safe and non-harmful to the vinyl surface or sound, Record Preservative affects the LP to a depth of approximately 10 molecular layers and becomes part of the groove wall, enhancing molecular stability and the cohesiveness of the groove surface. As a result, the LP completely resists the damaging effects of stylus shock waves and the ensuing wear. You'll prevent pops and ticks, and have records that look and sound as good as the day you took the shrink wrap off the cover. Good for treating both sides of 85-90 LPs, your bottle will not spoil. Keep and use it for as long as you like. Each bottle comes with two applicators.

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