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Record Care > Record Cleaning > Mobile Fidelity - One Record Cleaning Solution (16oz)
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MOBILE FIDELITY - One Record Cleaning Solution (16oz)

Record Cleaning


MOBILE FIDELITY - One Record Cleaning Solution (16oz)

Record Cleaning

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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ONE Record Cleaning Solution

Don't Have a Record Cleaning Machine? Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ONE Cleaning Solution Comes to the Rescue as the Best, Easiest, One-Step LP Cleaner Available

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ONE Cleaning Solution comes to the rescue of analog lovers that don’t own a vacuum-cleaning system. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has produced a special formulation that contains a base of quick-drying lab-grade alcohol, making ONE a very effective cleaner that dissolves dirt and grunge, then evaporates, taking all residue with it. ONE does not require rinsing or even long drying sessions. Your record dries in moments, ready to be played. ONE greatly reduces noise, revealing quieter, blacker backgrounds, a smoother, richer tonal balance, and an increased dynamic range. Instruments jump out, revealing more air in the recording and bringing you closer to the music. By using Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ONE, you will preserve your analog investment.

Many alcohol-based cleaners contain fragrances or oils. These contaminants have no place being anywhere near your valuable records. During the cleaning process, these contaminants remain behind, on the surface of the record as a film, and in the grooves, attracting particles and affecting the sonic signature. ONE contains no fragrances, no oils, and no contaminants. The lab-grade alcohol used in ONE is filtered for particulates down to four microns!

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