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Record Care > Record Cleaning > Mobile Fidelity - Pure Record Rinse (32oz)
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MOBILE FIDELITY - Pure Record Rinse (32oz)

Record Cleaning


MOBILE FIDELITY - Pure Record Rinse (32oz)

Record Cleaning

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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab PURE Record Rinse

The "Purest" of All Record Rinses Removes All Residual Detergents and Debris: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab PURE Record Rinse Recommended as a Final Rinse Stage for Any Record-Cleaning Solution

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab PURE Record Rinse consists of the purest water you can find for cleaning vinyl LPs. Ultra-high-purity PURE is also used as the base of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's other record-cleaning fluids and is perfect for use as the final rinse step before putting LPs back into their sleeves. Of course, you should never rinse your records with tap water. It contains trace minerals, chemicals, and microscopic organic matter that can be deposited in freshly cleaned grooves. Bottled water comes from either the same sources as tap water or from natural springs that have an even larger amount of minerals. Distilled water that has been distilled once or twice can even still have contaminants. That is why Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab PURE Record Rinse is your best option. PURE has gone through four stages of deionization, after which it is triple-distilled and then treated with high-intensity ultraviolet light to kill all bacteria and microbiological particles. This leaves nothing in PURE to damage your vinyl.

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