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A Simple, Quick and Environmentally-Friendly LP Cleaner and Anti-Static Brush

Stereophile Recommended - Especially Effective with Vacuum Cleaning Machines as a Pre-Cleaning First Step to Loosen Debris!

Premiér Vinyl Record Cleaner is a mild precision cleaner formulated to clean, preserve and protect your precious, irreplacable analog recordings. New DuPont solvent technology -- just invented in 2000 -- enables Premiér to out-perform older LP cleaning systems from the 20th century. Also, Premiér is also a "Green" cleaner, doing no harm to the environment! In fact, it's even better than the old Freon® solvent cleaners which everybody used thirty years ago! Highly recommended!

The AudioQuest Carbon Fiber Brush features two rows of Carbon Fiber bristles and an integrated metal kickstand. This brush in conjunction with Premier LP cleaner as a pre-cleaner makes quick work of mold, mold-release compounds or other debris! The AQ Carbon Fiber Brush is one of our all-time best selling products, as it loosens debris from deep in the grooves.

The solvent at the heart of the extraordinary Premiér Vinyl Record Cleaner has three characteristics which make it an extremely effective cleaner:

First, the solvent has a very low surface tension and very low viscosity. This means that Premiér is much, much 'wetter' than water. Unlike water, Premiér won’t bead-up on the waxy surface of an LP but instead it will spread out, flowing into the grooves and dissolving light oils and fingerprints. (We know you never touch the surface of your LPs, but there’s just no telling some folks.)

Secondly, Premiér is very heavy -- nearly twice as heavy as water, and much heavier than dust or the little bits of mold release compounds left on the LP by the stamping machine. This enables Premiér to get under the contamination on the record and displace it -- it literally 'floats' the contamination away, just like a ship floats in the ocean.

But it gets even better. One little-known fact about LPs is that they accumulate static, just like that cheap shag carpeting your parents put in the family room when you were a kid. Remember the jolt of electricity you got when you walked across the room and touched a doorknob? Well, the same thing happens to LPs as you slide them in and out of their sleeves or even just walk across a room with one in your hand (although obviously at much lower voltages). At the microscopic scale of a record groove and a dust particle, that tiny voltage acts like a powerful magnet and locks the dust particles onto the surface of the record. But Premiér features a special additive which breaks those 'static' bonds, freeing the dust to float off the LP. This unleashes the 'like new' sound that’s trapped in your LPs -- getting rid of the static means you get rid of the dust, along with the snaps and pops and cracks which drive you nuts.

Does it work? You bet. A skeptical Tom Lyle wrote in The $ensible Sound that "The results are impressive… I was amazed how silent the vinyl was." More recently, in Stereophile Michael Fremer wrote "Most importantly, after that first play the stylus remained clean, with no residue or dirt stuck to it.' No dust, no noise, just pure sound"

Here’s a couple of other useful features about Premiér:

  • Premiér dries briskly, so it can be used in conjunction with other LP cleaning systems.
  • Premiér can clean LPs, CDs and DVDs, plus all the recording heads, motors, relays, dials, connectors and cables found on modern stereo systems. It also is safe for keyboards, test gear and even the screens on laptop computers and PDAs.
  • Premiér is nonflammable so it’s safe to have around the house.
  • Premiér has almost no aroma so it’s inconspicuous to use.
  • Premiér is completely ozone-safe, is generally non-toxic and is considered very safe for people and the planet. Although we know people who use Premiér on operating electronics, it is neither approved nor recommended by Micro Care for that use.

In short, there is no finer cleaner for LPs than Premiér.

NOTE: This product can be shipped via FedEx Ground only.

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