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RoomTunes Cornertunes

Tame the Resonant Build-Up in the Corners of Your Room

Room Tunes CornerTunes are a set of four 15-inch triangles mounted across the upper corners of the room, where they drastically reduce the acoustic pressure which build up there, allowing more of the system’s sound to come through. These surprisingly effective and lightweight triangles not only improve midrange focus and clarity, CornerTunes also restore tonal balance, allowing your system to sound more like it should. Installing CornerTunes is the first step towards a great sounding audio system.

Why CornerTunes Work
Most listening rooms have their flaws, some in different areas than others, but the one problem area virtually every listening room has in common are the corners. The upper corners of the room are where the greatest build-up of energy in the room occurs, this is the place where three boundaries meet producing up to 9dB of unpredictable boost in the midrange and bass frequencies, which creates a “shouty” or “boomy” effect at the listening position. CornerTunes tame the massive pressures in the corners, creating one of the most effective and least obtrusive ways to improve the tonal balance of your system and get tighter, deeper and more controlled bass.

Roomtunes Are Different
RoomTunes are not hard edged products, there is no frame, in appearance they more closely resemble pillows. This is done on purpose, having no frame removes potential resonance and maximizes in-room absorption.

Many acoustical panels on the market are made from compressed fiberglass, RoomTunes are not. Compressed fiberglass, although good at absorbing certain frequencies, is quite resonant when hung on a wall where the panel may “sing” along with the music. RoomTunes do not resonate, delivering higher performance and a cleaner, clearer sound, despite being smaller and lighter.

Roomtunes On The Wall
RoomTunes come with clear push-pins, which are the best way to fasten them to the wall. They can also be fastened to the wall using Command strips (not included), a new hook & loop style connector created by 3M. Similar in function to Velcro, Command strips are much more powerful than either Velcro or similar adhesives with greater holding ability and the advantage of being quickly & easily removed without damaging the wall. Command Strips are a big step beyond old-style Velcro whose adhesive left walls colored; pushpins definitely provide the most secure and flush-to-the-wall attachment.

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