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Stillpoints - Aperture Panel (Ea)

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Make Boundaries Disappear, Enhance Imaging, Upgrade Focus, and Treat Spatial Anomalies With Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panel: Stereophile-Recommended Room-Treatment Device Leads to Vivid Musical Experiences

A Stereophile Recommended Component, Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panels absorb a vast array of frequency reflections and lead to palpable improvements in focus, imaging, solidity, and dimensionality. When placed between speakers, Apertures dissolve any boundaries and lead to a much more vivid musical experience. When used on the floor at the side of speakers, your sidewalls will seemingly disappear. Most rooms will require just a trio or quartet of Apertures, which do double the work of most room-treatment solutions. Comprised of fabric stretched over a wooden frame, each Aperture measures 22 x 22 inches and weighs just shy of four pounds, so they are easily moved. Better still, you can choose from three natural wood frame options and match it with fabrics printed with images from the Simon Marsh photography collection or, for the ultimate in customizability, your own non-copyright-protected image (additional charge). These are the biggest (and coolest-looking) room-treatment breakthrough we've heard in years!

"The Apertures don't share the exotic contours of some other room treatments, but their effect in my room was dramatic: almost a sonic black hole. ...Despite the fact that my room had already been well treated with Synergistic's HFT and FEQ devices, the Stillpoints made the boundary seem to disappear, greatly enhancing center-image stability, solidity, and focus – areas where I'd thought no improvements were possible."
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Recommended Component

"Ultimately, the Apertures are the acoustic treatment for those who aren't particularly looking for any. Yes, they can certainly help with the usual listening room anomalies, but they can go much further than that. ...They will treat standing waves, and they can tidy up troublesome corners; but after several months' use I see them as an invaluable tool that focuses the music, and reduces boundary effects."
– Chris Thomas, Hi-Fi+

Stillpoints Aperture acoustic panels represent a new form of acoustical treatment. Aperture is actually three products in one: an absorber, a diffuser, and a resonator. The performance specifications of Aperture continually adapt to the dynamic changes in amplitude and frequency of the audio/video system generating the wave forms within the acoustical environment. At any given amplitude and frequency, a “snapshot” measurement of performance could be taken. But that static measurement does not explain the reality of how Aperture actually performs. Aperture is the only acoustical product that will give you both absorption and diffusion at the first reflection points of a system. And you want both.

When using conventional acoustic panels made of typical absorbing materials, there will be only one volume level at which the absorbing material will adequately control the acoustic energy within the room. At volumes above that level, you would need more absorption. At volumes below that level, you will have too much absorption and the room will sound lifeless, dark, and dull. Aperture utilizes a blend of absorption materials and a unique design of internal chambers to trap acoustic energy. The diffusion aspect of Aperture breaks up the wave forms that will aid mid- to high-frequency absorption and reduction. The resonator aspect of Aperture offers control of the lower frequencies only when needed. Thoughtful placement can achieve wonderfully controlled bass frequencies, with dynamic lifelike quality and speed. With bass energy controlled, you can enjoy a light, lively, sparkling room of shimmering cymbals and explosive drum attacks, with wonderfully clear midrange and vocals at all amplitude levels.

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