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AUDIOENGINE - A5+ Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)


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Stream Music from Portable Devices, Network Players, and More Directly to Audioengine A5+ Wireless Powered Speakers: Feature aptX Bluetooth, Extended Range, 24-Bit DAC, and Monoblock Amps

Wirelessly stream music from your portable devices, network players, and more straight to hi-fi speakers with the Audioengine A5+ wireless powered bookshelf loudspeakers. Upgraded with aptX Bluetooth technology and an internal AKM AK4396A DAC for enhanced sonics, A5+ allows you to stream up to 24-bit high-resolution audio and enjoy it over a generous range other Bluetooth speakers simply do not match. If you want convenience, quality, value, and simplicity, you'll be hard-pressed to do better than A5+, which is ideal for applications ranging from desktops to dens to dorms to bathrooms and kitchens.

In addition to effectively featuring built-in Audioengine B1 and D1 modules, A5+'s superior differences extend to its build quality. It is not a "box-built" system with off-the-shelf parts, but boasts custom-designed components constructed to Audioengine's specifications. As such, A5+ includes Class A/B monoblock analog amplifiers, silk tweeters, kevlar drivers, hand-built wood cabinets. These fully integrated components are complemented by speaker cables and an aluminum remote control. You'll be enjoying music in excellent quality moments after unboxing A5+, which changes wireless for the better. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Efficient and Integrated
A5+'s speaker cabinets, drivers, innovative bass port designs, amplifiers, and passive crossovers are all critically tuned together, making for a much more efficient system that requires less power than passive speakers and a separate integrated amplifier. It's all contained in the left speaker cabinet to make it super-easy to connect your smartphone, tablet, computer, TV, network player, or any other audio product.

aptX Bluetooth for Superior Fidelity
The Bluetooth built into A5+ features aptX coding, an advanced Bluetooth audio codec with very impressive sound. Even if your phone or tablet doesn't have aptX, A5+ is backwards-compatible with SBC and AAC codecs so you can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device and still
enjoy all your music.

AKM 24-Bit DAC
A5+'s Bluetooth receiver utilizes an AKM AK4396A DAC, widely known for its low-noise and high-fidelity. AK4396A is used as an upsampling DAC and will pad all bit depths to 24-bits, achieving a higher signal-to-noise ratio and lower noise floor. Due to the high signal-to-noise specs of AK4396A, the fact that digital signal is upsampled to 24-bits – as well as the added benefit of onboard triple redundancy power source conversion and filtering – A5+ Wireless presents impressive low-noise and low-distortion characteristics.

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