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FOCAL - Electra 1008 Be Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)


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Emotional Responsiveness, Exacting Precision, and Size-Belying Fullness: Focal Electra 1008 Be Bookshelf Loudspeakers Play with Uncanny Openness, Feature Beryllium Tweeter

The Focal Electra 1008 Be bookshelf loudspeakers represent what's possible when each and every part of a design serves a purpose and does so in complete cohesion with all the other components in the chain. Handmade in France and meticulously engineered to operate as a seamless whole, Electra 1008 Be harbors cutting-edge technology and elements gleaned from the company's cost-no-object Utopia Series. You can read about those traits below, but what matters most is what such heritage means for you: Hearing music with an emotional responsiveness, exacting precision, room-filling fullness, and majestic transparency that take you to the recorded event and place the artists on a stage right before your eyes. Electra 1008 Be outrightly dismisses longstanding preconceptions about the limitations associated with bookshelf speakers – 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Featuring exceptional power-handling that allows it to play in rooms that exceed 400 square feet without breaking a sweat, Electra 1008 Be delivers spaciousness, definition, resolution, and low-end depth that belie its compact 15.18 x 10.125 x 13.75-inch dimensions. You'll experience exceptional imaging, soundstaging, and transient speed that makes delicate notes come across with requisite grace and decay, and louder, heavier passages claim thrilling degrees of attack, impact, sustain, and body. Electra 1008 Be's balanced aural properties mirror the wondrous synchronicity of its internal and external construction all the while taking up a small amount of space in your room.

A 6.5-inch "W" composite-sandwich cone midrange driver allows complete optimization of the frequency-response curve as well as radiant dynamics and you-are-there contrasts. Exclusive to Focal, a 1.25-inch Beryllium inverted-dome tweeter – capable of covering more than five octaves – helps account for nuanced details and exceptional linearity. Electra 1008 Be also benefits from Focal's Infinite Acoustic Load (IAL) technology, which permits the tweeter to possess an extremely wide frequency range capable of extending to previously unthinkable lows, thereby relaying the midrange earlier and resulting in superb definition.

Economical in sound and approach, Electra 1008 Be is sculpted so everything – down to its curved body and wood panels with no less than 11 coats of varnish – works in concert to ensure what you get is the finest-possible sonics from your recordings. From the molded, solid aluminum-alloy tweeter housing and coupling that prevents any vibration to the thick, upwards of two-inch MDF Gamma Y structure that inhibits diffraction to the rear laminar port that has no noise, distortion, or compression all the way to the Optimum Phase Crossover (OPC), Electra 1008 Be is premium high-end sound, flexibility, and build. Arrange for your risk-free in-home audition today.

"There's a sense of dynamic contrast and shade that is common to the Focal sound, and that comes out in a remarkable, almost uncanny ability to cope with real-world envelopes of notes (the attack, decay, sustain, and release of a note)... This gives the Electra 1008 Be an economy of sound: a rare, enticing stillness at rest that disappears the moment it receives a musical signal."
– Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

"It performs well in so many areas, but it is its precision, fullness, and clarity that launch it into that special class of speakers that nearly touch the high point of the price/performance curve."

Focal's Exclusive (and Brilliant) "W" Cone Drivers
The "W" composite sandwich cone permits total optimization of the frequency response curve thanks to the total control of three key parameters: lightness, rigidity, and damping. At Focal, the letter "W" means Glass/ Glass as two sheets of woven glass tissue are "sandwiched" onto the structural foam core. The glass tissue benefits from the incredibly fine weaving of very long fibers. This choice offers a mass and a size clearly inferior to those in Aramid fibers or other Kevlar fabrics that generate coloration in the midrange. In addition, the molecular bond between the resin and the glass is greater than that obtained with Aramid fibers. The cone structure is also more homogeneous and its behavior in flex is much more superior. These unique characteristics provide control of the signal transmission speed inside the material. Adjusting the thickness of the structural foam allows a very precise control of the "W" cone's damping. The variation of the number of glass fiber sheets and the thickness of the central foam can easily optimize the cone's behavior according to the desired frequency range. When listening, the sound of the "W" cone is entirely transparent, has an excellent phase response, and boasts a very low distortion rate.

Type: 2-way vented bookshelf loudspeaker
   6-1/2" cone midbass
   1-1/4" pure Beryllium IAL inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (+/-3dB): 36Hz - 40kHz
Low frequency point (-6dB): 41Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 89dB
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Minimum impedance: 3.9Ω
Crossover frequency: 2,200Hz
Recommended amplifier power: 25-150W
Dimensions (HWD): 15-3/16" x 10-3/8" x 13-3/4"
Weight: 33 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 1.5 MB)

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