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FOCAL - Aria 905 Bookshelf Speakers (Pr)


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Save $300 and Hear More Detailed Sound With Focal Aria 905 Bookshelf Loudspeakers: Play Music With Impressive Musicality, Precision, and Confidence While Getting Remarkable Imaging and Control

The Focal Aria 905 bookshelf loudspeakers certainly aren't the largest or flashiest bookshelf unit on the market. But size and fashion don't count for much in audio, and the exceptional-value Aria 905 – available for a limited time for $300 off – excels in the areas that really matter. Specifically, musicality, balance, imaging, and the all-important midrange. Many listeners also crave speakers that perform like champions when placed closer to the walls. Like any loudspeaker, the two-way Aria 905 functions best when given a little room to breathe, but these compact powerhouses won't wilt if space constraints dictate they get a bit cozy with your room partitions. No matter how employed, Aria 905 bedazzles with abundant detail, authoritative control, and timing that Switch watchmakers would prize. You'll also be enamored with the clarity and its way with difficult-to-reproduce vocals. Taut, rhythmic, and versatile, Aria 905 plays every type of music with snap-to-attention precision and noticeable confidence. At the end of the day, however, you'll likely come back to raving about the imaging and balance – qualities Aria 905 handles as well as any speaker in its class, and much better than many that command higher prices. Then there's Aria 905's meticulous construction and audiophile materials.

"Crisp, clear and precise, the Focal 905s are a hugely accomplished pair of speakers. Detail is abundant, and delivered with unerring control. The Focals are ruthlessly efficient – they know exactly how each instrument should sound, how to convey a vocal nuance, how far the dynamics are allowed to soar, and how tightly controlled the entire rhythm needs to be."
What Hi-Fi?

Focal's exclusive Flax sandwich cones and updated TNF aluminum/magnesium inverted-dome tweeters with Poron suspension remain the keys to Aria 905's enticing sound. Flax's inherent properties – lightness, carbon-like elongation properties, self-damping abilities – make it a fantastic choice for the 5-inch drivers, sandwiched by glass fiber that possesses low elasticity and high stiffness. Focal has always been renowned for its tweeters, and the TNF type are no exception, given they're graced with a new horizontal waveguide and responsible for much of Aria 905's commanding punctuality. Top the innards off with solid, sturdy cabinets, leather-esque front and rear panels, and a glass top plate, and Aria 905 arrives to the dance as the belle of the ball. Don't pass up this extraordinary deal on an extraordinary French-made speaker that promises years of listening pleasure. 100% Music Direct Money-Back Guaranteed.

"At heart this is a very good two-way. It has a rightness of timing and coherence that can only be achieved with a near minimum of drive units, and it combines this with a lack of coloration that means you rarely think about the speaker."

"Something seems to have changed in R&D and the results are a big bonus for Focal. These little gems deliver performance that most affordable speakers can only dream of. They sound good with a small amp like a Micromega MyAmp, they sound better with an all-in-one Naim system, they sound amazing with a powerful amp that keeps them on track."
The Ear, Best Buy Award

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