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FOCAL - Electra 1028 Be Tower Speakers (Pair)


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Balanced Focal Electra 1028 Be Tower Loudspeaker Offers Best-of-Both-Worlds Approach and "W" Cone Drivers: Pinpoint Precision, Quickness, and Energy Combine with Stunning Power

In music, balance implies stability, evenness, steadiness, harmony, and synchronicity – essential traits all, and the very elements personified by the Focal Electra 1028 Be tower loudspeaker. Offering a best-of-both-worlds approach – the pinpoint precision, quickness, and energy of a bookshelf model paired with the resolute power, authority, and scope of a full-range tower – Electra 1028 Be plays with rarified cohesiveness, generous extension, and unfettered purity. Its open, evocative, engaging sound serves classic rock, bebop, R&B, symphonic works, and EDM with equal prowess. And its customized and customizable dual-port Powerflow system delivers degrees of low-frequency extension and sublime bass that not only register with attention-getting efficiency and impact, but complement the entire harmonic scale and fill out the vital architectural details of the music.

Non-discriminating in approach, and featuring across-the-board symmetry with its internal and external parts, Electra 1028 Be rewards you with revered audiophile hallmarks (imaging, soundstaging, depth of perception, transient speed, information retrieval) all the while behaving as a seemingly invisible bystander that refuses to place its own mark on the material or overthink its function. Handmade in France, Electra 1028 Be claims cutting-edge technology derived from Focal's cost-no-object Utopia Series as well as an innovative array of exclusive design elements. And that says nothing about its striking elegant appearance, including wood panels finished with 11 coats of varnish and a piano-lacquer body.

Inside, a pair of 6.5-inch "W" composite-sandwich cone woofers allow complete optimization of the frequency-response curve. Stellar dynamics further result from a 6.5-inch "W" cone midrange driver. A 1.25-inch Beryllium inverted-dome tweeter – able to cover more than five octaves – delivers astounding transient response, tonal nuances, and exceptional linearity. Electra 1028 Be also touts Focal's Infinite Acoustic Load (IAL) technology, which permits the tweeter to possess a very wide frequency range capable of extending to previously unthinkable lows, thereby relaying the midrange earlier and resulting in superlative definition.

None of the class-leading components and engineering would matter if they failed to seamlessly blend with one another. In Electra 1038 Be, each physical curve is analyzed and shaped to work in concert with the internal parts, ensuring what you hear is the finest-possible sound. From the molded, solid aluminum-alloy tweeter housing and coupling that prevents any vibration to the thick, upwards of two-inch MDF Gamma Y structure that inhibits diffraction to the front laminar port that has no noise, distortion, or compression all the way to the Optimum Phase Crossover (OPC), Electra 1028 Be exists as a symbol of seductive might, charm, and flexibility. Our 100% Music Direct Guarantee assures you will love what you hear or we'll take these champion-caliber speakers back.

"I could bang on about the effortless high frequencies from the beryllium tweeter, the open, lucid and intimate midrange and, well, I've already wittered on about the bass quality quite enough. There is also the astonishingly vivid and stable imaging and soundstaging. The fact is that all the above simply contributes to making the Focal 1028 Be the most musically communicative, engaging and involving loudspeaker I've heard at the price."
– Steve Dickinson, Hi-Fi+

"The 1028 Bes are astonishingly accomplished. Their sheer maneuverability means you can forget about the system’s capabilities and just enjoy the music. Compared to many other loudspeakers, the Focal 1028 Be is refreshingly confident, open and honest. Me? I just wish more hifi was like this."
– The Absolute Sound

"The sound of the Focal Electra 1028 Be speaker system is one I won't easily forget. No speaker system I've had in my current listening room (10 years and counting) has produced a more consistently enjoyable performance on both music and movies, and few have equaled it."
– Thomas Norton, Sound & Vision

The Genius Behind Focal's "W" Cone Drivers
The "W" composite sandwich cone permits total optimization of the frequency response curve thanks to the total control of three key parameters: lightness, rigidity, and damping. At Focal, the letter "W" means Glass/ Glass as two sheets of woven glass tissue are "sandwiched" onto the structural foam core. The glass tissue benefits from the incredibly fine weaving of very long fibers. This choice offers a mass and a size clearly inferior to those in Aramid fibers or other Kevlar fabrics that generate coloration in the midrange. In addition, the molecular bond between the resin and the glass is greater than that obtained with Aramid fibers. The cone structure is also more homogeneous and its behavior in flex is much more superior. These unique characteristics provide control of the signal transmission speed inside the material. Adjusting the thickness of the structural foam allows a very precise control of the "W" cone's damping. The variation of the number of glass fiber sheets and the thickness of the central foam can easily optimize the cone's behavior according to the desired frequency range. When listening, the sound of the "W" cone is entirely transparent, has an excellent phase response, and boasts a very low distortion rate.

Type: 2-way vented floor standing speaker
   Two 6-1/2" woofers
   6-1/2" midrange
   1-1/4" pure Beryllium IAL inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (+/-3dB): 34Hz - 40kHz
Low frequency point (-6dB): 28Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91.5dB
Nominal impedance: 4Ω
Minimum impedance: 3.5Ω
Crossover frequency: 350Hz / 2,200Hz
Recommended amplifier power: 40-300W
Dimensions (HWD): 43-11/16" x 10-3/8" x 13-3/4"
Weight: 72.6 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 1.5 MB)

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