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KEF - Muo Wireless Speaker


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KEF's Award-Winning, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Is Anything But Ordinary: Incredible-Sounding MUO Plays Horizontally and Vertically, Touts Uni-Q Driver Arrays and 12-Hour Rechargeable Battery

Portable convenience and iconic KEF sound quality come together in blissful harmony on the award-winning MUO wireless speaker, whose sense of fun is further conveyed by the vibrant array of available colors. Augmented with a compact version of KEF's Uni-Q point-source driver and a high-grade bass radiator, MUO touts high-frequency definition and low-frequency extension that belie its mobile-friendly size. MUO streams music from a computer or mobile device, and plays it back with rich, attention-grabbing sonics – particularly in aptX Bluetooth. A built-in DAC, 12-hour rechargeable battery, high-order internal components, and acoustically inert aluminum shell help make MUO anything but an ordinary standalone speaker. Better still, MUO automatically optimizes its output to suit either upright or horizontal positioning, so you can place it however you like and enjoy the same fantastic performance. Pairing two MUO units together results in CD-like stereo quality. MUO even has a dual-connect party mode for larger gatherings, allowing two units replicate the same full-range response. Whether employed as a single speaker for mobile applications or used as a go-to desktop system, MUO rocks. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Miniature Uni-Q Driver Arrays for Coherency, Accuracy, and Wide Soundstages
Uni-Q point source driver arrays are used in most KEF products, including the MUON, BLADE, and REFERENCE. Uni-Q gives a wide sound dispersion with continuous, consistent sound quality. By using the same sophisticated FEA modeling techniques, KEF engineers developed a miniature Uni-Q. The central tweeter dome is decoupled from the outer cone by a flexible membrane, and the whole diaphragm is free to pump out midrange frequencies as powerfully as a conventional driver, while allowing the tweeter dome to move independently. As a result, it can reproduce the higher registers with great accuracy. The MF cone is profiled to act as a waveguide for the tweeter, further widening the dispersion to fill the room with full-bodied, stunningly clear sound. MUO's drive units flank the central passive bass radiator and are configured to only give treble output from the right hand unit as you face a MUO placed horizontally. This reduces interference to achieve a more non-directional and room-filling sound.

"It's no small feat to make a speaker of this size sound as big, expansive, and remarkably detailed as it does." 
The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award

"Our Verdict: Great portable sound with a touch of luxury."
What Hi-Fi?, Best Portable Wireless Speaker Award

"KEF's speaker makes its comparatively high price tag seem worthwhile, and highlights the limits of cheaper rivals with its superior performance."
Home Cinema Choice, Best Buy Choice

"This combination of precision craftsmanship and polished sound quality make the KEF MUO easily one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers around. Classy stuff."
PC Advisor, Best Bluetooth Speaker Award

"It's a stunning Bluetooth speaker, with incredible sound quality."
PC Pro, five-star review

"KEF's hi-fi pedigree ensures that the compact MUO sounds as good as it looks."
Mac Format, five-star review

"Designed by Mr Ross Lovegrove, who worked on early Sony Walkmans and Apple computers, it plays astonishing stereo. Buy two – one as a left speaker, one as a right – and you get a real hi-fi, but portable. A sound investment."
Mr. Porter

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