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MartinLogan - Motion 60XT Tower Speakers (Pair)


MartinLogan - Motion 60XT Tower Speakers (Pair) AMLGMTN60XTGB

MartinLogan - Motion 60XT Tower Speakers (Pair)


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Unique XT Folded Motion Ribbon Tweeter and Two Eight-Inch Woofers Lead to Smooth, Intoxicating Sound: MartinLogan Motion 60XT Tower Loudspeakers Play with Remarkable Depth and Naturalism

Offering seductively smooth, clear detail as well deep, musical bass, the MartinLogan Motion 60XT tower loudspeaker plays with an intoxicating sound and wowing depth that attest to its high-value worth. One of the secrets behind the success of The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award-winning component pertains to its unique XT Folded Motion ribbon tweeter. Boasting a 40 percent larger radiating surface than other any other MartinLogan Motion speaker, 60XT's incredibly wide dispersion projects multi-layered, distortion-free high-frequency information far beyond the boundaries of conventional speakers. Able to move more rapidly and effectively than a typical dome or cone tweeter, thereby playing with more speed and accuracy, it also makes room-reflection artifacts a concern of the past.

In addition to impressive tweeter performance, Motion 60XT arrives equipped with a 6.5-inch aluminum-cone woofer uniquely positioned in a non-resonant asymmetrical chamber and housed in a cast polymer basket. Its compelling midrange and stalwart accuracy will keep your toes tapping late into the wee hours. Two identically designed eight-inch woofers with rear-firing bass ports produce chest-thumping low frequencies, while the rigidly structured dust caps drastically reduce the cone breakup often heard in lesser designs.

Also unlike from many speakers in its crowded price category, Motion 60XT doesn't require careful amplifier matching to deliver sweeping dynamics and chest-thumping bass response. A custom air-core coil and low DCR steel laminate inductors – as well as polyester film capacitors arranged in series and low DF electrolytic capacitors situated in parallel – are modeled on the same cutting-edge tech found in MartinLogan's more expensive flagships.

Visually, Motion 60XT features a luxurious, high-gloss piano black finish sure to turn heads. At 48 inches tall with a 11.4 x 14.4-inch footprint, it moves plenty of air but remains compact enough to fit in space-challenged environments. Five-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts and removable spikes add to its user-friendly versatility. MartinLogan's iron-clad five-year warranty and our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee ensure Motion 60XT has everything else you need.

"Immediately, I was taken aback; the broad, sharply defined soundstage extended well beyond the width of the speakers, the vocals sounded eerily lifelike, and the instrumental timbre was natural, with a depth so palpable I could practically reach my hands into it."
—David Martson, The Absolute Sound

"Nothing seemed artificial. Nothing seemed colored. Nothing was distracting. Most of all, the tweeter didn't sound like a certain type of tweeter; it didn't have the typical mellowness of a soft dome, nor the occasional hyped-up detail of a metal dome. It just sounded natural..."
—Brent Butterworth, Home Theater Review

"[The] Folded Motion tweeter is an impressive achievement in itself, giving the Motion XT speakers a decisive advantage in clarity over many conventional designs. When you couple that with the allure of the aluminum cone woofers and midrange drivers, as well as the Motion's chic sense of styling, the overall package has great appeal." 
—Michael Trek, Sound & Vision

Frequency Response: 35–25,000 Hz ±3dB
Recommended Amplifier Power: 20—400 watts per channel
Horizontal Dispersion: 80°
Vertical Dispersion: 30°
Sensitivity: 94 dB/2.83 volts/meter
Impedance: 4 Ohms Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.
Crossover Frequency: 400 & 2,200 Hz
High Frequency Transducer: 1.25" x 2.4" (3.2cm x 6.1cm) Folded Motion XT Transducer with 4.5" x 2.75" (11.4cm x 7cm) diaphragm
Mid Frequency Transducer: 6.5” (16.5cm) aluminum cone with cast polymer basket. Sealed chamber format. Rigid structured dust cap to reduce cone break-up modes.
Low Frequency Transducer: Two 8” (20.3cm) aluminum cone with cast aluminum basket. Non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format. Rigid structured dust cap to reduce cone break-up modes.
Components: Custom air core coil and low DCR steel laminate inductors. Polypropylene film capacitors in series and low DF electrolytic capacitors in parallel. Tweeter thermal/current protection.
Inputs: Custom 5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts
Weight: 66 lbs.
Dimensions: 48" x 11.4" x 14.4"

User Manual (PDF, 1.3 MB)

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