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QUAD - Z-4 Tower Speakers (Pair)


Quad - Z-4 (Piano Black) AQADZ4B

QUAD - Z-4 Tower Speakers (Pair)


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Flagship Quad Z Series Tower Loudspeaker Plays with Expansive, Detailed, Accurate Sound: Save 50% on Z-4 with True Ribbon Tweeter and Four More Audiophile-Grade Drivers

"The Closest Approach to the Original Sound." Quad's founding philosophy shines through on the English company's Z-4 tower loudspeaker, the flagship of the cutting-edge Z Series and ideal transport for its innovative 0.5 x 3.5-inch true ribbon tweeter. Arranged in a unique sandwich formation, its limited vertical dispersion properties significantly reduce floor and ceiling vibrations, lending to sharper focus, lessened coloration, and distortion-free playback. What's more, Z-4's 46.31 x 10.56 x 13.44-inch (HWD) footprint and coherent driver array attest to its abilities to fill even the largest rooms with expressive, expansive sound.

With a 47Hz-20kHz frequency response and 90dB sensitivity rating, Z-4 specializes in hallmark Quad fidelity – exquisite detail balanced with warmth, openness, and airiness. Whether you want to rock or relax, you'll hear music reproduced with lifelike speed, convincing extension, and engaging emotionalism. Just try not to fall under the spell of its 5.875-inch Kevlar cone midrange driver and three – yes, three – 6.875-inch Kevlar cone woofers reinforced by a bass-reflex cabinet with a rear port complete with expansion chamber. The result: Transfixing dynamics, pleasing naturalism, and remarkable accuracy.

Of course, the sonics are just part of the equation. Backed by Quad's five-year manufacturer warranty, Z-4 looks like an ultra-expensive art sculpture whose architecture proves functional. The build quality on display here cannot be expressed by photos. Its gorgeous, piano-lacquered, one-piece curved cabinet gives it remarkable visible consistency and smoothness. All told, Z-4 delivers the power, presence, and robustness that remain the trademarks of floorstanders while also conveying the richness, sophistication, and outside-the-borders soundstaging uncommon to conventional box designs. 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"[This] floorstander is able to reveal the quality of the original performance in a subtle but engaging way, drawing the listener in. Sophisticated, soulful yet self-effacing, few rivals at or near its price come anywhere close to its all-round competence."
– Nick Tate, Hi-Fi News, Editor's Choice

"I often have a slight concern when I'm confronted with this many drivers in a loudspeaker design that what I'll hear is the drivers independently rather than as a team. The Z-4 dispenses with any such concerns within a few minutes and is an impressively benign speaker that will do extraordinary things if you fulfill its very basic requirements – a good quality input with enough power to allow it to strut its stuff."
– Ed Selley, Hi-Fi Choice

"Going back to almost any other similarly priced speaker after you've spend some time with this one is like losing a room of your house – you'll manage but you'll miss the space you had. This is a big, capable and beautifully made loudspeaker that delivers music on a grand scale and for that it certainly warrants recommendation."

Advanced Ribbon Tweeter
Unlike conventional dome treble units where the voice coil ‘motor' is attached separately to the diaphragm, the Z Series ribbon tweeter is both the diaphragm and the motor system. The result is a unique combination of delicacy, smoothness, and hear-through performance that helps make your music sing. While taking influence from the unparalleled success of the Quad ESL speaker, the ribbon itself is engineered to be extremely light and thin, which delivers the startling accuracy and wide coverage for which Quad remains famous. In Z Series, the large 90 x 12mm true ribbon creates an even higher sensitivity and bandwidth, which means better dynamics and an even smoother integration with the midrange frequencies.

Acoustic Filter Bass-Reflex System
The bass section, similar to Quad's original Corner Ribbon, utilizes an acoustic filter bass-reflex system complete with a double chamber filter that eliminates chuffing found in inferior loudspeakers with conventional ports. It also maintains a natural, unforced reproduction right down to the lowest frequencies of a symphony orchestra, producing our signature sound as found in the iconic ESLs.

Woven Kevlar Woofers
In Z Series floorstanders, the advanced ribbon unit is married to an equally high-performance midrange driver with a unique double-roll surround designed to control edge breakup and give equal transparency to the all-important vocal range. Both the midrange and bass drivers feature Quad's woven kevlar cone geometry matched by the double-roll surround for the same smoothness and clarity offered by the ribbon treble unit.

General description: Floor-standing
Enclosure type: bass reflex
Bass Driver: 3 x 165mm glass fibre
Transducer complement: 3-way
Mid Range Driver: 150mm glass fibre
Treble driver: 90x12mm true ribbon
AV shield: No
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 90db
Recommended amplifier power: 60-250w
Nominal impedance: 4Ω
Minimum impedance: 3.6Ω
Frequency response (+/-3dB): 47Hz - 20kHz
Bass extension (-6dB): 40Hz
Crossover frequency: 300Hz & 3.5kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres): 43L
Dimensions: 46.3" x 10.5" x 13.4"

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