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SVS - Prime Tower Speakers (Pair)


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SVS Prime Tower Loudspeakers Go Low: 3.5-Way Design Features Dual 6.5-Inch Woofers, 4.5-Inch Midrange, and a One-Inch Tweeter to Provide Engaging Performance with Music and Movies

Experience the stunning realism and dynamic thrills associated with high-end audio with a pair of Prime Tower loudspeakers from SVS, the company responsible for some of the world's most critically acclaimed subwoofers. Given SVS' impressive track record with subs, it should come as no surprise that Prime Tower can reach down to lake-bottom-probing depths with cost-belying effortlessness. It also conveys the sweeping dynamic range of movie soundtracks with stunning speed and can present the subtle cues of orchestral works with seductive transparency.

While dual 6.5-inch drivers take care of subterranean frequencies, Prime Tower's polypropylene 4.5-inch midrange is on hand to nail the all-important mid-band, lending vocals a life-like presence and colorful tonality typical of far more expensive models. A one-inch aluminum dome tweeter delivers exceptional transient responsiveness. How does SVS offer such performance for such an affordable price? The company founders have spent the past 30 years optimizing manufacturing processes, refining meticulous testing and listening protocols, and leveraging economies of scale. The result: A set of three-and-a-half-way towers that continue to impress listeners around the world with their ability to deliver soundscapes with striking clarity.

Among the technological innovations SVS invested in Prime Towers are separately sealed midrange enclosures that help keep standing waves from interfering with how sound cues reach your ears. Woofer enclosures, combined with port tuning options, provide a clear musicality most other speakers in its class cannot touch. The Absolute Sound's Spencer Holt wrote, "When you listen to $100k systems all day, it's difficult to be really excited about $1k speakers. But let me tell you, these speakers, when listening in near-field, are some of the best I've heard in the budget speaker category."

Dedicated to white-glove customer service, SVS supports Prime Towers with an unconditional five-year factory warranty and lifetime tech expert support. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee practically begs you to audition these in your home today. We're betting you'll be pleased.

"A presentation that's finely revealing, harmonically rich, and rhythmically tight. The longer I listen to the Prime Tower, the more I appreciate its ability to walk the line between resolving detail and embracing the bigger picture. It's a sound blueprint for long-term satisfaction."
Hi-Fi Choice, Recommended review

"The SVS Prime Tower is a well-built and great-sounding speaker for the money. The ‘3.5-way' design offers significantly more detail than standard two-way offerings. The speakers are capable of quite deep bass and work well in a home theater context."

Prime Driver and Tweeter Design
Thoughtfully designed for acoustic excellence, the 4.5-inch midrange driver is mounted in its own dedicated and completely sealed compartment to ensure a smooth, precise and clear midrange free from coloration. The cone material is extremely light and rigid and maintains a flat frequency response with excellent handling across the foundational midrange frequencies. Dual 6.5-inch woofers deliver deep and articulate bass to set the mood and punctuate the low-end impact of instruments, bass lines, and movie sound effects. Each woofer has a separate internal compartment in the cabinet with its own custom port tuning frequency. The result is deep, powerful, accurate bass you hear and feel. Prime Tower's one-inch aluminum dome tweeter is light, efficient, and rigid, and plays crystal clear at high volumes. The clarity offers a sense of utter transparency, while offering an ‘airy' presentation and incredibly unveiled highs so female vocals and dialogue always sounds crisp and smooth.

SoundMatch Crossover
SVS's SoundMatch 3.5-way crossover features a tapered array designed so each woofer has its own discrete crossover to minimize the potential for beaming. This creates an expansive, yet focused and precise soundstage, with accurate frequency response at all listening positions in the room. The precise tuning of the SoundMatch Crossover also ensures pinpoint accuracy from sparkling highs down to palpable lows, while maintaining pristine signal purity.

Performance-Driven Cabinet Engineering and Geometry
Tapered edges on Prime Tower's front baffle, known as chamfers, minimize edge diffraction for clear and precise soundstaging. The cabinet's presence is substantial but does not take over a room and offers a modern industrial feel with acoustic enhancements like shorting rings and a tweeter diffuser. All of these advancements are packed into a sleek albeit commanding speaker cabinet available in stunning piano-gloss black or premium black-ash finish.

CAD-Modeled Design Process
All SVS speakers, regardless of price or form factor, are crafted in the same painstaking fashion. Before a model is ever constructed, drivers and cabinets are theoretically designed by acoustic engineers using the most sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) processes available. Then prototypes are carefully measured and optimized in an anechoic environment to achieve pitch-perfect frequency response. After the ideal theoretical frequency response is attained, exhaustive listening and measurement is done in listening rooms calibrated to closely resemble typical home-like room environments.

Rated bandwidth: 30 Hz-25 kHz (±3 dB)
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 87 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz)
Recommended amplifier power: 20-250 watts
Dimensions (HWD): 36" x 8" x 11.1"
Weight: 40.1 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 3.2 MB)

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