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ECLIPSE - TD-M1 Wireless Loudspeaker System


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Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Loudspeaker System

Breathtakingly Realistic Sound at Any Volume: Acclaimed Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Loudspeaker System Offers Reference-Quality Music Playback and Incredible Desktop Performance

Each Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker Has Full-Range Driver, NOS DAC, Digital Amplifier, Apple AirPlay, Asynchronous 24-Bit/192kHz USB: Design Tilts at Angles, Connects to Any Streaming Device

You have to hear the Eclipse TD-M1 wireless loudspeaker system to believe it. TD-M1 offers reference-setting, premium-quality desktop performance that rivals anything you've experienced. Developed by Fujitsu Ten, each groundbreaking Eclipse TD-M1 wireless speaker boasts a full-range driver, non-oversampling DAC, high-efficiency digital amplifier, Apple AirPlay, and asynchronous USB that plays back 24-bit/192kHz. These egg-shaped beauties can be tilted at several angles, connect to virtually any streaming device, and sound brilliant at any volume. Perfect for high-resolution music playback, TD-M1 will change even the staunchest headphone advocates' minds about optimal personal listening. Reproducing music with finite nuance, detail, precision, and naturalism, TD-M1 brings top-grade audiophile quality to the modern lifestyle. Backed by our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, TD-M1s are a must-audition for all music lovers.

"...A solid array of bells and whistles...that pairs well with its no-nonsense approach to sonics."
The Computer Audiophile

"A supremely talented system that might be the ultimate computer speaker."
Hi-Fi Choice, 5-star review

Superior Audiophile Quality for the Modern 21st Century Lifestyle
Eclipse TD-M1 delivers ultra-fidelity sound in a system designed for today's connected lifestyle. It reproduces music so accurately, recording engineers at studios around the world use Eclipse TD-Series speakers as reference monitors. Performing its best at natural volumes, TD-M1 renders every detail and subtle audiophile nuance at sound levels associated with normal conversation. While other speakers strain to deliver at anything less than concert-hall volumes, Eclipse TD-M1 puts a magnifying glass on the music and gives you intimate, up-close, and personal presentation.

"The quality of sound from these tiny little eggs is simply stunning, with a clarity and depth of soundstage that I don't think I've ever heard from speakers costing far more."

"The egg-shaped Eclipse TD-M1s challenged conventional wisdom with their tiny footprint and delicate, open sound quality that give their larger units a run for their money."
Men's Journal

The Ultimate Desktop System: Powerful Sound, Small Footprint
Eclipse TD-M1 uses the same award-winning technology employed in Eclipse's $10,600 TD-712 speaker while combining wireless convenience and connectivity with compact size. This is the ultimate desktop system for music lovers that won't compromise their sound. Offering total freedom of movement, TD-M1 introduces headphone lovers to a whole new personal listening experience without isolation or confinement. From the TD-M1's compact form factor springs life-size, realistic sound via a high-efficiency digital amp that powers the special, crossover-less driver mounted in Eclipse's unique enclosure.

"...Where the TD-M1s really make their mark is when it comes to focus and stereo imaging. The Eclipses are simply stunning in this regard."
What Hi-Fi?

"…What is surprising is just how good this speaker system is at imaging under the most hostile of conditions in the domestic world; situated to the sides of a whirring, noisy, and physically large computer-sized box smack, bang in the middle of the place where soundstages get undermined..."

Custom-Made for High-Resolution Music Playback
From input to output, Eclipse TD-M1 is designed to work with high-resolution sound sources. A built-in 24-bit/192kHz input interface can handle 6.5x the amount of data on a CD. Eclipse engineers also developed a 24-bit/192kHz-compatible, non-oversampling DAC for clearer sound. With a world-class signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low distortion factor, TD-1M brings out the magic of high-quality original master tapes during playback.

"It's pricey for a desktop system but it's a bargain if you want to hear fine detail, great voices and a mind blowing stereo image from beautiful a small scale system."
The Ear

"The sound? Lively and sparkling. Place the speakers about ten feet apart, plant yourself in the sweet spot, and they will reproduce live and studio recordings with impressive accuracy."

Superior Wireless Convenience, Effortless Operation
Wireless playback via Apple AirPlay makes Eclipse TD-M1 both intuitive and easy to use. Lossless CD-quality audio can be streamed through Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac without any need for a router. Equally desirable, one-touch speaker angle adjustment allows you to establish the optimal listening point for unbelievably realistic sonic landscapes and precise imaging of voices and instruments. Intuitive touch-sensor controls are built into the base of the speaker and a simple LED indicator displays operational functions. An external input (3.5mm stereo mini jack) is there in case you want to connect TD-M1 to a TV.

"Even the briefest listen clearly shows these speakers are something special. Vocal reproduction is especially noteworthy; every note and nuance is reproduced with pitch-perfect precision, giving a warmth and depth that's seldom heard on home speakers."

TD-M1 Sounds Breathtakingly Real: Here's Why
It's all about the waveform. TD is a joint venture between technology giants Fujitsu and Toyota to explore "Time Domain," the guiding principle that makes every Eclipse TD-Series speaker sound so real compared to even the finest conventional speaker systems that typically concentrate on frequency response at the expense of accuracy in time-domain performance. The use of more than one driver introduces unavoidable distortions due to delayed delivery across the frequency spectrum. Similarly, the implementation of rectangular, sharp-cornered cabinets create diffraction effects and panel resonance, aberrations that become immediately audible when compared to a correct time-domain design. Additionally, multiple drivers require a crossover network that produces phase anomalies and adds further coloration to a speaker's sonic signature. Eclipse engineers understand that optimum time-domain performance is achieved by canceling out all the mechanisms that make other speakers sound compressed, non-coherent, and unnatural. In this way, Eclipse TD-M1 is a revelation, capable of an acoustic "disappearing trick" that reveals detail like never before.

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