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SONUS FABER - Venere 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers


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Aerodynamic Sonus faber Venere 2.0 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Uses Sensual Form to Produce Unforgettable Sound: Front Baffle Provides Impeccable Timing and Seamless Dialog Between the Drivers

Smooth, Precise, Clear, Taut, and Involving: Sonus faber Venere 2.0 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Prevents Unwanted Reflections While Allowing Greater Freedom of Placement

Great sound begins with smart design and continues with meticulous implementation. The Sonus faber Venere 2.0 bookshelf loudspeaker excels in both categories, touting an aerodynamic shape that prevents unwanted rear-wall reflections and eliminates internal resonances. Characterized by waveguides, the versatile bookshelf unit's angled front baffle provides impeccable timing and seamless dialog between the drivers. Venere 2.0's elegant symbiosis of shape, materials, and function even extends to the adjustable aluminum feet that impart steady grounding, further enhancing clear, taut, deep, and involving sonics that prove consistently engaging in either two-channel or multi-channel applications. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"That tweeter especially is a real honey, making a sound that's extremely smooth and very accurate right up into the upper registers."

Easy to Place in Any Setup, Superb Dialog Between Drivers
The position of the front reflex port on Venere 2.0 works to facilitate easy placement in any environment and elevates the drivers, which are a mid-woofer with a Curv 180mm cone and a 29mm silk-dome tweeter produced by DKM. This harmonious union creates fresh, fast, and immensely engaging sound. An angled front baffle characterized by waveguides allows perfect timing and an effective dialog between drivers, guaranteeing impressive listening experiences. Particular attention is paid to the stand, whose tempered-glass base and adjustable aluminum feet provide not only uniformity of style with other Venere speakers but a specific feature: The feet allow for effective coupling to the ground, giving vivid and clean sound. This two-way speaker, as all members of the Venere family, is easy to use and suitable for a variety of two-channel, multi-channel and home-theater setups.

Sonus faber: A Proud Legacy of Award-Winning Loudspeaker Design
Few loudspeakers are as immediately recognizable as those crafted by Sonus faber. For more than three decades, the Italian-based manufacturer has designed speakers whose exacting details, exotic lines, high-performance abilities, and eye-catching architecture mirror the desirable traits of famed Italian sports cars. Sonus faber models have won awards from practically every respected audiophile outlet in every corner of the world. Combining artisan woodcraft, modern metalwork, and traditional and cutting-edge electroacoustic technology, they serve as lavish instruments that play back music with vibrant energy, dynamics, emotionalism, and authority. Music Direct is honored to carry Sonus faber's celebrated loudspeakers.

Loudspeaker System: 2-Way Standmount Bookshelf Vented Box
Drive Units:
    Tweeter: 29 mm Dome (Silk)
    Midrange/Woofer: 1x180 mm (Curv)
Amplifier: 50W - 200W
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Dimensions: 17.7" x 9.7" x 13.2"

User Manual (PDF, 1.8 MB)

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