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VANDERSTEEN - 2Wq Subwoofer


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Unique Features and Design Elevate Vandersteen Model 2Wq Subwoofer to Elite Status: Feed-Forward Error Correction, Adjustable Q System Complement Powerful, Continuous Sound

Bolstering bass performance while simultaneously enhancing the power, dynamics, and midrange response of stereo and multi-channel systems, the Vandersteen Model 2Wq subwoofer features an internal 300-watt amplifier and maintains maximum sonic continuity between the subwoofers and main speakers. Designed for systems with integrated processor/amplifier units where the bass is handled by a line-level subwoofer channel, Model 2Wq exclusively accepts line-level inputs exclusively and touts an adjustable Q system that allows you to dial-in the subwoofer to exactly match your personal tastes and room dimensions. Vandersteen's Feed-Forward Error Correction eliminates errors and deviations before they even begin. An an innovative connection system and crossover network allow Model 2Wq to take advantages of the benefits of bi-amplification while also preserving total sonic continuity. Three active eight-inch drivers, high-grade internal components, and study cabinet construction complete a powerhouse subwoofer that adheres to Vandersteen's tradition of accuracy, purity, and musicality.

Three Drivers for Optimal Definition, Stability, and Responsiveness
2Wq uses three active eight-inch drivers rather than a single large woofer. These three drivers equal the cone area of a fourteen-inch woofer, but with much higher motor-to-cone-area ratio. The high ratio improves pitch definition and ensures stable frequency and phase responses throughout and beyond the drivers' operating range. This allows more crossover-design flexibility since a steep-slope, high-order crossover is not necessary when the drivers perform several octaves past the crossover frequency. Each of the downward-firing drivers are in a front slot-configuration and use a heavy-duty, 1.5- inch, four-layer voice coil engineered to withstand high temperatures. Each voice coil is within a massive 40-oz. magnet structure for increased control and efficiency. Critically damped, long-fiber cones with environmentally stable butyl rubber surrounds provide excellent rigidity and linearity. 2Wq's drivers are connected to a built-in 300-watt amplifier with advanced feed-forward error correction. The amplifier provides the benefits of bi-amplification to the system without the additional expense and complexity of an additional separate amplifier.

Feed-Forward Error Correction Eliminates Errors Before They Even Occur
Many subwoofers use a negative feedback or servo control type of error correction that samples the output of the subwoofer amplifier or the movement of the driver and makes comparisons to the original input. When a deviation is detected, a correction signal is generated to counter the error. A shortcoming of these systems is that an error must actually occur before the correction process can begin. The negative feedback and the non-linearities of the correction create their own audible distortions that compromise the performance of the subwoofer. By contrast, 2Wq employs Feed-Forward Error Correction (FFEC), which eliminates errors before they begin. Extensive spectrum, FFT, and dynamic analysis of the 2Wq detected the errors that would occur during normal use. The inverse of these errors was then designed into the integral amplifier to eliminate the errors before they cccur. Errors resulting from coupling, loading, driver phase and frequency non-linearities and thermodynamic box loss are eliminated by FFEC.

Unique Adjustable Q: Fine-Tune the Bass Response to Your Personal Taste
In engineering terms, system Q is the product of a complex mathematical equation derived from driver, electrical, and enclosure parameters. In practical terms, it relates to the character of the bass response. A low Q subwoofer sounds highly damped and very tight. A high Q subwoofer produces a warm, loose bass with more energy in the most audible bass range. The trick has always been to try to find the subwoofer with the Q best-matched your listening room and personal tastes. 2Wq is the first subwoofer to feature adjustable Q. A bass contour control on the rear panel allows you to set the system Q anywhere from .5 to 1.2. Somewhere in this wide range, you will find the perfect sonic complement for your room and taste.

Distinctive Connection Method Accentuates Total Sonic Continuity
2Wq uses a unique, innovative connection method that reduces the current demands on the main amplifier, but leaves the main amplifier in the signal path to the subwoofer. The system realizes the benefits of bi-amplification with absolute sonic continuity as the main amplifier's characteristics are maintained to the deepest bass, but with the power and control of the 2Wq 's internal 300-watt amplifier. Here, the crossover of 2Wq is divided into separate low-pass and high-pass sections. Like conventional subwoofers, the high-pass portion of 2Wq 's crossover is inserted into the signal path just before the main power amplifier to roll-off the low-frequency response of the main amplifier and speakers. The critical difference is that 2Wq does not take its input from its crossover, but samples the output from the main amplifier that is driving the main speakers. To compensate for the low-frequency roll-off induced by the crossover, the response of 2Wq's amplifier is contoured to restore the low frequencies to the proper level. 2Wq 's input impedance is high enough that it has no effect on the output of the main amplifier.

An Important Note on System Compatibility
Since the high-pass portion of the crossover is inserted between the preamplifier and power amplifier, you must be able to separate the preamplifier and power amplifier sections of a receiver or integrated amp for it to be compatible with 2Wq. In all systems, the input impedance of the main amplifier must be known in order to properly set the 2Wq 's high-pass crossover. The low-pass crossover is integrated with the 2Wq 's amplifier and does not require adjustment. Both sections of the crossover are transient-perfect, 6dB-per-octave designs. A variable single-ended crossover is included with each 2Wq subwoofer. Optional fixed value crossovers are available both in single-ended and balanced configurations to match any main amplifier.

Subwoofer(s): (3) 8" Critically-Damped Long-Fiber Cones with Butyl Rubber Surrounds, Heavy-Duty 1.5" 4-Layer Voice Coil with 40 oz. Magnet Structure
Subwoofer Amplifier: 300-Watts, Zero Current-Limiting
Amplifier Power: 300 watts with no current limiting
Frequency Response: - 3dB @ 20Hz and 80Hz
System: Second order, slot-loaded with less than 1/2 pulse overshoot
Crossover: First order/6dB per octave, 80Hz- Requires external high-pass filter between preamp and power amp matched to power amp input impedance (see user manual)
Input Terminals: (2) Bananas which accept high-level input
from power amplifier
Dimensions (WHD): 18" x 18 1/2" x 17"
Weight: 80 lbs.

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