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VANDERSTEEN - 3A Signature Tower Speakers (Pair)


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Astounding Dimensional Purity, Front-to-Back Soundstaging, Stunning Efficiency: Vandersteen Model 3A Signature Tower Loudspeakers Optimized With Aligned Dynamic Design and Patented Drivers

Reproduction that's true to the music's original scope and weight remains a trademark of the big-time-performance Vandersteen Model 3A Signature tower loudspeaker, which also conveys the nuance, finesse, texture, and detail present in complex recordings. A dual-chamber metal-alloy dome tweeter supplies outstanding range and linearity, while a pioneering woven-fiber midrange driver eliminates distortion. Further optimized with Vandersteen's Aligned Dynamic Design, the incredibly efficient Model 3A Signature conveys spot-on three-dimensional imaging, front-to-back soundstaging, and allows listeners terrific flexibility of placement. No wonder it's been in production more than 20 years. With Model 3A Signature, you're not just getting a vaunted musical instrument. You're getting a legend. (Please note: Each pair of Model 3A also comes with support bases for easy setup.)

“The 3A has a relaxed presentation, is musically seductive, and will appeal to those who want to forget about the sound and enjoy the music…”

—Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

"Vandersteens have long been the sort of loudspeakers that, once you hear them, you start figuring out a way to buy them."

Stellar Midrange Driver Held Patent for More Than 20 Years
Vandersteen's experience with FFT computer analysis and extensive research into the negative effects of diffraction led to a unique midrange driver that held a patent (US Patent # 5073948) for more than 20 years. This woven-fiber, aerodynamic midrange outperforms other designs in several significant areas. In conventional cone midranges, the acoustic energy from the back of the cone immediately strikes the front of the driver's magnet assembly and gets reflected back through the cone and into the listening room. This distorted secondary signal created by the internal diffraction smears the sound of the driver and inhibits true transparency. The frontal area of the magnet assembly on the Vandersteen midrange is minimized through the use of advanced materials and construction techniques to reduce internal diffraction (and the resultant distortion) to inaudible levels. With the elimination of this distortion, Model 3A Signature is cohesive and smooth with extraordinary inner detail and resolution.

Every Part Scrutinized for Performance and Impact on Overall Sound
Active components utilized in Model 3A Signature combine classic strength and durability with innovative design and construction. A dual-chamber metal alloy-dome tweeter improves range and linearity. It is critically damped to extend the high frequencies past audibility without the excessive ringing associated with open or underdamped metal dome tweeters. The specific alloy used for the dome is chosen for its superior strength and resistance to break-up compared to common fabric and plastic domes.

Cast-Metal Baskets and Mineral-Filled Polycones for Superb Vibration Control
Model 3A Signature's active acoustic coupler and woofer feature costly cast-metal baskets rather than more common stamped baskets. The cast-metal baskets' inherent rigidity and superior vibration control increase cone-movement accuracy and resist sympathetic resonances for cleaner, more natural sound. Mineral-filled polycone is used on the woofer to ensure high stiffness, superior internal dampening, and greater neutrality than metal alloy, woven plastic, or treated paper cones. Stiff, low-weight polycones resist flexing under all drive conditions, netting lower distortion and increased detail.

Electro-Mechanically Optimized Woofer System
A dual-spider active acoustic coupler accurately complements the woofer to reduce box loss, thermodynamic loss, and active/passive transfer nonlinearities. This novel Electro-Mechanically Optimized Woofer System provides powerful, detailed and extended bass response as the Model 3A Signature operates much more closely to the ideal than conventional ported or passive designs.

Meticulous Crossover Construction Yields Absolute Phasing and Stable Imaging
A thoroughly advanced design, Model 3A's crossover is comprised of transient-perfect, first-order networks designed to preserve the phase integrity of the music. It is compensated to allow the drivers to operate in absolute phase with each other for more precise and stable imaging than in conventional multi-way speakers using out-of-phase drivers. The crossover's computer-grade components, including low-impedance air-core inductors and high-quality film capacitors in the signal path, are hand-soldered on a double-sided, plated-through PC board tested to insure less than 0.1dB deviation from a reference circuit. Like all Vandersteen Signature products, the crossover is hand tweaked with the speaker in an anechoic chamber into matched pairs. Custom 6N wire with polypropylene dielectric is used for internal wiring to maximize signal transfer. The crossover is also engineered for bi-wiring with a stereo amplifier or passive vertical bi-amplification with two identical stereo amplifiers. Inputs are heavy-duty screw terminals.

Vandersteen's Aligned Dynamic Driver Design for Optimal Dispersion and Accuracy
Model 3A Signature uses the proven Vandersteen Aligned Dynamic Design to optimize the dispersion and transient accuracy of the drivers while maintaining the input signal's time and phase integrity. The drivers, their positioning, and their associated minimum baffles are developed with the aid of FFT computer analysis to minimize diffraction, cone break-up, multi-driver interference, and out-of-band phase irregularities. The construction, alignment, and positioning of the drivers allow a point-source wave front and maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position. This approach nets multiple advantages, including: precise, three-dimensional imaging and a wider listening area; a greater flexibility of placement options within the listening room and better transient response; a high level of genuine transparency and detail typical of planar speakers without the distortions and response variations of multi-directional dynamic loudspeakers; and increased efficiency and improved dynamic range.

Each and Every Model 3A Signature Speaker Tested and Retested
Each Vandersteen Audio Model 3A Signature undergoes rigorous testing and retesting during each phase of construction. Each driver and crossover is tested for proper operation and computer matched to within 0.1dB. After final assembly, each pair is high-power sweep-tested for structural integrity and FFT computer analyzed for correct response and performance compared to a model reference.

All About Musical Purity
Music is pure in its dimensions. Vandersteen loudspeakers are true to the original dimensions of the music. They preserve its carefully crafted proportions and weight. They accurately convey the composition, shading and timing that build an involving experience. They reveal the power, the authority, the subtlety and the intimacy of the music. This dimensional purity is the essence of Model 3A Signature.

Tweeter: 1" Exclusive Dual-Chamber, Transmission-Line Loaded, Ceramic-Coated Alloy Dome with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling
Midrange: 4.5" Reflection-Free Tri-Woven Composite Cone with Die-Cast Aerodynamic Basket and Magnet System with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling
Woofer: Active Acoustic Coupler: 10" Dual-Spider Aluminum Alloy Cone with Die-Cast Basket, Heavy-Duty 1.5" 4-Layer Voice Coil with Ventilated Aluminum Former, 60 oz. Magnet Structure with Focused-Field Pole Piece and Copper Rings
Frequency Response: 26Hz – 30kHz +/- 3dB
30Hz-22kHz +/- 1.5dB
Sensitivity: 87 dB, 1 meter/2.83 volt input
Impedance: 6 ohms nominal 4 ohms minimum
Crossovers: First order/6dB per octave, 80Hz, 600Hz, 5kHz
Input Terminals: Barrier strips, 7/16" max width
Dimensions (WHD): 16" x 48" x 10.25"
Weight: 90 lbs. Each

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