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WHARFEDALE - Reva-3 Tower Speakers (White) **PHOTO SHOOT**


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Hear the Astonishing Differences Made by a Synergistic Array of Newly Developed Drivers, Crossovers, and Cabinets: Wharfedale Reva-3 Tower Loudspeakers Also Offer Freedom of Placement

Deciding whether the Wharfedale Reva-3 tower loudspeaker looks or sounds better might be an issue that vexes you for years to come, but at least you'll get to enjoy superb sonics and stare at museum-quality luxury while contemplating your decision. With the high-value Reva-3, "new" is the operative term. As in newly developed drivers, crossovers, and cabinets that act in complete harmony. Two 4.92-inch bass drivers and a 4.52-inch midrange – both with proprietary self-damping glass-fiber cones – accompany a one-inch textile-dome treble driver fueled by a neodymium magnet to produce lavish spaciousness, accuracy, dynamics, and detail. Wharfedale's signature slot-loaded port increases the energy and efficiency while removing distortion associated with most rear-ported speakers. Another equally important upshot: Reva-3 defies positioning limitations and can be placed very close to the wall with no drop-off in performance. Try it out in your home with the security of our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. And while you're at it, run your hands over the seven layers of piano-gloss lacquer finish. Hint: It feels good.

Available in three colors, the exquisite hand-applied finish coats a premium cabinet comprised of special triple-layer construction. Substantial internal bracing and attractively curved side walls simultaneously furnish strength and eliminate coloration. A dished waveguide in the textile dome tweeter widens dispersion, while a cutting-edge crossover utilizing Linkwitz-Riley slopes – and subsequently fined-tuned with CAD techniques and hundreds of listening sessions – accounts for exceptional cohesiveness and focus. Like all modern Wharfedale speakers, Reva-3 benefits from the company's synergistic manufacturing process in which all parts and pieces are constructed in a vertically integrated environment. Without having to worry about out-sourcing or depend on other speaker companies' drivers, Wharfedale achieves levels of articulation, smoothness, and bandwidth in Reva-3 that usually come with a much higher price tag. In this regard, and many others, Reva-3 is positively reva-latory. We're certain you'll agree.

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