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VPI - The Magic Brick
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VPI - The Magic Brick

Vibration Control

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When a stray magnetic field from a power supply is allowed to saturate an active circut in amplification devices, a back E.M.F. is created. This situation is further aggravated by loudspeaker feedback, physically vibrating ferrous parts in a magnetic field and redirecting it for the lowest possible distortion and clearest sound. By placing the Magic Brick as close as possible to the power supply you create a short circuit path for the stray magnetic fields. This keeps the field close to the power supply and away from the signal carrying circuit. A further advantage of the high mass needed to accomplish this is the physical damping of the chassis. The Magic Brick concentrates 16 layers of laminated steel on an area of 12 sq. inches. This is very effective in controlling chassis vibration and the inherent nonlinear distortions associated with it. Results do vary from unit to unit, however, some of today's most highly rated tube and solid state components do sound significantly clearer after coming in contact with the Magic Brick.

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