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PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MkII: One of the Very Best DACs Ever Designed, Improved

Now Includes the Famous PS Audio Digital Lens for Totally Jitter-Free Music Reproduction from ANY Source!

PS Audio's PerfectWave DAC set a new benchmark for digital-to-analog conversion in the audiophile world. Now, PS Audio has exceeded its own impossibly high standards with the release of the PerfectWave DAC MkII. With an impressive array of updates to an already-proven design, the PWD MkII represents a major step forward for the world of digital audio.

The PerfectWave Bridge is the most important product PS Audio has ever designed! Likely to change the world of high-end audio, the Bridge creates a connection between one of the world's best sounding DACs and the music on your computers and your network. Once connected, the Bridge allows the uncompromised flow of music on your computer directly to your audio system.

PerfectWave DAC MkII Updates Include:
  • A new Native X digital lens reduces incoming jitter levels to below 1 pico second for a smoother, analog-like sound.
  • Asynchronous USB connectivity capable of 24 bit/192kHz performance and uncompromised sound quality.
  • 11 new local power supplies for lower noise, jitter and talk-back, and an increased openness to the sound.
  • Lowered jitter clocks provide audible improvements in improved upper harmonics of instruments and a reduction in digital glare.
  • A balance control, capable of shifting the balance between left and right in small 1/10th of a dB increments to customize the sound for your room.
  • High-Speed Analog Switches in the digital path do not go into saturation mode, do not add jitter or timing issues and produce a life-like, natural analog-like presentation to the music.
  • The new digital processing board has 10dB lower emitted radiated digital noise than its predecessor.

The PWD is a reference-level outboard DAC. The PWD sets a new standard for DACs at any price. Not only does it look gorgeous, the PWD is one of the most “analog-like” in its sonic signature. Paired with the PS Audio PWT, this combination sounded like a digital system for ten times the cost! The DAC will decode almost any sampling rate and offers many different up-sampling options, although it seems to sound best at standard 16bit/44.1kHz through PS Audio's ingenious i2s over HDMI connection with the PWT.  Eventually, PS Audio will release products for hard-drive storage in a matching chassis, making this DAC and transport the hub for one of the most ambitious music server systems ever developed by an audiophile manufacturer.

Bridging the Gap
There are many streaming audio solutions, but none that are built with a true high performance audiophile sensibility. The majority of the few connected audio streaming devices on the market today are based on either a small PC type motherboard or off-the-shelf microprocessor based solutions with integrated clocks and little to no control over the way the data is handled and manipulated. With very few exceptions, these solutions do not come close to the performance of the PS Audio Bridge. The Bridge is unlike anything ever built to date. The Bridge is a true asynchronous parallel 32 bit system approach. There are actually two low jitter isolated and separate clocks (44.1kHz and 48kHz) completely unrelated to any other clock in the Bridge creating true asynchronous performance.

*The Bridge does not come pre-installed for this promotion, but it is extremely easy to install. If you would like more details on the install or if you would like us to install the Bridge for you, please let us know. Please note, if we install the Bridge, this may delay the expected ship-date.

Bridge QuickStart Guide (PDF, 700 KB)

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